I left Paris in order to live one then two years in the Community. There is a household of four priests, a household of three sisters, and guest rooms where our young candidates live. I had to wait for God’s hour! We got married in 1993 and have three children.  We are Belgian nationals, of flemish origin and live in Flanders (Belgium). The Community also manages a magnificent mountain hermitage on 60 acres of forest (jesus-our-hope.org). The advice I would give is to always listen to our heart’s aspirations : they are the desires God implants in us, and He can do all things for He is with us and on our side ! I grew up peacefully, without any major worries or questions, supported as I was by some good tutors : my family, friends and the scout movement. Gradually and without being really aware of the situation, I lost the meaning of life and became more and more lonely. What grace, and what wealth ! finally, in evangelization missions, which teach me to become a true disciple : the joy of making others taste the Kingdom of Heaven and interceding for the world that needs much prayer. Welcome to the O.C.D.S Community of The Holy Spirit - a Secular Order of Discalced Carmelites, located in Denver, Colorado. I began praying regularly. Lay members are married or single, who wish to follow Christ on the path of the Beatitudes by sharing a fraternal life, prayer life, and mission. The life of the Secular Order Discalced Carmelite is a calling from God, a true vocation in and for the Church. The Beatitudes; Our Call; Consecrated Sisters; Consecrated Brothers and Priests; Married and Celibate Lay Members; Apostolic Life; Associated Members; Our spirituality . We met the Community as « tourists » while visiting the Abbey of  Saint-Martin-du-Canigou. We stayed there because we found prayer, a liturgical life, a life in community all simplicity and surrender. I experienced a strong encounter with the living God. denver. Was it simply a tradition I had to carry on with? Having worked on several evangelization projects in different countries, I am now back in Peru. Some […] Denver Catholic Staff. Merry Christmas to you and all … We discovered a diversity, both in prayer and in spirituality : Byzantine Vespers, entry into the Shabbat, Israeli dances, Charismatic Renewal, Carmelite spirituality. Religious life for me is a means to love to the full. Jesus is present : He consoles the afflicted, He strengthens the weak, He heals the broken-hearted, where there is despondency He gives hope. And we were the first two priests to join the Community already having a true missionary experience. They can be contacted via phone at (720) 855-9412 for pricing, hours and directions. During that day of prayer we were meditating on a text by Pope John Paul II, which read as follows: « Dear young people, I would like to address a very special appeal to you : reflect, understand that I am talking to you about very important things. Email or Phone: Password: Forgot account? In 1999 the Community of the Beatitudes launched their first Youth Festival in Kazakhstan. We both had a desire to consecrate our couple to God and to the service of His Kingdom. This is one of the aspects of the Community I like the most : its international dimension. The Lord made good use of my attraction for different countries and cultures by calling me as His ambassador to… Peru, to proclaim His love as a missionary. The Community of the Beatitudes was founded in France in 1973 by Croissant and his wife Jo along with another couple. Yet, how fleeting are such moments. Guillem : What touched me was the missionary and evangelization dimension. ages 19-28. I accept that my data is collected as part of this registration, Life of prayer : Learning from the Carmel (n°4). I met brothers and sisters who had experienced similar things with God. What a change in our life. Our parish house in Lausanne runs a small student home. Posted in adoración, adoration, bazaar, catechism, catechismo, Catholic, Catholic Community of the Beatitudes, Clases de Biblia, Deacon Harold, Deacon Pablo, Fe Católica Viva, Globeville Catholic, Monseñor Jorge de los Santos, pray for the sick, The first Sunday of the month | Tagged "Holy Rosary", adoración, Adoration, bazaar, Catechists, Catequistas, Catholic Community of the Beatitudes, … The intuition I received during that short retreat, a long time ago now, is confirmed at every moment : God is faithful and a source of deep joy. Dance# Tet# New Year# Vietnamese Parish. Learn More. 19 de desembre de 2017. They wish to follow Christ on the path of the Beatitudes. As for the hope within me, I have not been disappointed ! I can share two elements of that experience: in front of Jesus exposed in the Blessed Sacrament I tasted God’s infinite love for me, I had met Someone who loved me in a unique way. “A community that gives space to ‘adoration’ this is what I need.” After this love at first sight experience, I deepened this “encounter” by visiting the house of Pont-Saint-Esprit. How did it come about ? “Jesus climbed the mountain and said, blessed are the poor in spirit!”. Born in Grenoble, I entered the Community aged 23. The Catholic Community of the Beatitudes was founded in France in 1973, and we have had a continuous presence and ministry in Israel since 1975. The Community of the Beatitudes was called in 1999 to found in Denver, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. We could see that the fruitfulness of the Community’s missions had its source in its prayer life. The situation of these persons is regulated by the Norms. Check out our Instagram. This geographical proximity is crucial for us and allows us to participate in Divine Services and fraternal life in a very flexible way taking into account the organization of our family’s life. Competition had become a source of recognition for me. We were unable to confirm your registration. Among the realities attached to the Community of the Beatitudes, the first one is being "Friend of the Lamb." It is not always easy, but we experience that the poorer we are, the richer we become, and the greater in us is the certainty that the Lord Alone is working in hearts in the midst of the world. During those few days I experienced a « turn around », an inner upheaval which is called a conversion. I had to wait for God’s hour! A German/New Zealand couple in touch with “that community” in Germany desired the Community to be known in NZ I discovered young people experiencing an intense life of prayer and what’s more there were consecrated artists present ! I experienced God’s power in my daily life. serve with the community. At the age of 12, I started bicross. Internally, I had even lost my family. Community of the Beatitudes 2010 – Present 10 years I love spiritual direction, helping young people find their call, witnessing to community life that we share as priests, nuns, and families. What drew me to them was that “they prayed and ate together,” as the martyrs of Uganda used to say « mission in community life, to bear witness to the “see how they love each other ». I accept that my data is collected as part of this registration. From the day I peacefully accepted my calling I am aware that my happiness depends on my total surrender to God. 1 talking about this. This time of somewhat painful waiting proved necessary to learn not to turn away when confronted with God’s silences. ... At the heart of Catherine of Siena Parish lies the praise and community life of our brothers and sisters. Anthony of the Transfiguration started his undergraduate at Notre Dame before entering diocesan seminary in Denver. With these words of the pope, my vocation germinated. So do not hesitate to get in touch with Him, to talk to Him, to share your questions, your worries, your problems, your wounds. Religious Orders in the Archdiocese of Denver. Since 1987, the Community of the Beatitudes has brought life in the form of liturgical prayer and adoration of the Blessed Sacrament to the monestary of St. Catherine of Siena in Blagnac, formerly inhabited by Cistercien and Domican religious sisters. http://beatitudes.us. Before this new life, I had embarked on teaching studies, with clear priorities: sport and physical activities. This experience could not continue in Algeria, nor even as White Fathers. Yet I hadn’t planned anything in that direction. My calling to the Community of the Beatitudes was so strong that one year later I asked to enter and that was twenty six years ago ! I am an interior designer since 2012. This has prepared us for the apostolate we are in charge of today among young single mothers in difficulty. ... joyful meals and manual service with our brothers and sisters. In Him I have learned to live a new, ample, free life : the life of the Kingdom. For different reasons this dream never came true.I went through different types of training which allowed me to work whilst seeking my vocation. The communion of all states of life is a real challenge to be met today and tomorrow to evangelize and to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ. I was born and grew up in Berlin (Germany). The Bishop who welcomed us, Blessed Bishop Pierre Claverie, accompanied us up to the Lion of Judah and the slain Lamb. I was struck by the liturgy, the fervent praise expressed in this community, the quality of fraternal life, the beauty of God emanating from the very simple quality of life, as well as its  evangelisation outreach. a humanitarian experience with “rag men” in a Cairo slum in Egypt with Sr. Emmanuelle whose testimony impressed me so much : give everything for others ! Esther : I was touched by the quality of prayer and fraternal life and by the eschatological dimension : “seeing the People of God (brothers, sisters, families, priests), living in the spirit of the Kingdom in their midst” : you could feel it, breath it, and see it…. Today, we both work as teachers and with the communications service of the diocese. Catholic Community of the Beatitudes,2924 West 43 rd Avenue,80211 Denver,Colorado,USA. What seemed to me until then neither possible nor desirable became for me a way of life and happiness. What importance did the Eucharist have in my life? I discovered a living God not at all distant from my life. This organization has been in operation for 75 years, which makes it significantly older than other nonprofits in the state. The international dimension of the Community broadened our vision of the world tremendously.. What we like in the Community is this equilibrium between a contemplative life and an active mission orientated outreach. The Community of the Beatitudes is a Catholic community present in twenty countries. Anthony Ariniello, Sr. Emmunuelle Borchardt, and Fa. He also counts on you. I decided to go on that same retreat as well to find out God’s will for me. Much later, I realized that I was constantly striving after performances. In the November bulletin, we have reflected on orison, or quiet personal prayer, as our primary grace. It has been 25 years since I joined the Community of the Beatitudes. Catholic Community of the Beatitudes, 2924 West 43 rd Avenue, 80211 Denver, Colorado, USA. Volunteer your time with our Community in Denver! Before following the Lord’s calling I was a law student intending to train as a diplomate. It has been 25 years since…, We are Guillem and Esther. Originally from Barcelona, we joined the Community when we were engaged…, My name is Sr, Thérèse of the Holy Face (a reference to the face of…, I come from French-speaking Switzerland. We also offer prayer vigils, retreats and sessions throughout the year. With them, we do scouting and all kinds of activities: mountain camping, ski camping, pilgrimages, WYD, humanitarian trips…. Phone: 720-855-9412. Press alt + / to open this menu. I could walk with them to serve the Lord and the Church. Allied Discalced Carmelites of the Holy Trinity. Accessibility Help. The priests had formed a team of young people to whom they entrusted little missions. I have become a citizen of that Kingdom searching the way in my heart that I may live ever more deeply in that Kingdom and communicate it to all around me. Congregation of St. John (C.S.J.) After four years, he discerned a call to enter the Community of the Beatitudes, founded in France in 1973, comprised of families, priests, brothers, religious sisters, and lay celibates. Hike to Our Lady's grotto at Lourdes, venerate St. Thomas Aquinas' head in Toulouse, experience the lives of St. Therese's family in Lisieux, serve near Mont-St.-Michel, walk down the Paris ian street of the Miraculous Medal apparitions, immerse yourself in service, French, and discernment at 200-year-old monasteries the heart of the Community of the Beatitudes in Nouan-le-Fuzelier, Blagnac, Nay, and … It needed something strong and somewhat out of the ordinary to convince a rather timid soul to leave everything/ family, work, country, culture and language to follow the call received in her heart and set sail toward the unknown. Most of the convent building serves as space that is common to all our members. We were unable to confirm your registration. Contact us. On December 3, 2008, the Pontifical Council for the Laityasked the Communi… Benedictine Sisters (O.S.B.) When I found myself facing Jesus in the Eucharist, I felt that I was really at the right place. I’m a New-Zealander of English origin. “A soul united to Jesus is a living smile that radiates Him and gives Him” (St Elizabeth of the Trinity). Searching for “the truth”, at 20, I gave vent to the following challenge : “If philosophy proves God’s existence to me, I will believe, otherwise that’s the end of faith for me”. 1/ 720 855 9412. I felt a strong calling from God several years ago, and after a long discernment, I realized that this calling rested on several points : a life of intense prayer and a desire for union with God, a fraternal life (that is to say, in a community) with the communion of all states of life (mixed), a missionary outreach and a total gift of myself while remaining in touch with the world. I come from St Germain-en-Laye and am the fourth child of a family of five. In my youth my aspirations were more of an artistic nature with an attraction to the fine arts. as well as at the hardest moments (death, etc.). This request honored me. Finally, the most important event was a retreat I participated in with the Community of the Beatitudes. After working as a « volunteer » I decided to join the Community in Peru. My godfather, a Catholic, encouraged us to join him in church. During the time of discernment that followed I providentially met a person at the Faculty who was going on a retreat with the Community. I felt at home ! In a prayer group a video on a ”new community” in France was making the rounds. “There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends”… no greater happiness either, for “who is in God, lacks nothing” ! He has fulfilled me far beyond what I could have dreamed of. When the Community of the Beatitudes – founded in France and present here in Denver at St. Catherine of Siena Parish – set foot on the Holy Site of Emmaus in 1993 upon the request of the Holy See, they knew they had received an important mission – a mission they needed to share with fellow Catholics from the U.S. and around the world. Born and raised in Boulder, CO, Fr. I remember my first calling at the age of seven. Christian de Chergé and one of us in Tibhirine, in the bond of Peace. It is very difficult to write about it in a few words, but I can only say that I was aware of my selfishness and the coldness of my heart, nevertheless discovering at the same time God’s ineffable love for me. If doubt fills your heart; don’t hesitate, don’t be afraid, Jesus will fulfil your expectations and give you a hundredfold ! One day, a friend suggested that I help the brothers and sisters of the Gharzouz house in one of their missions (the organization of spiritual days for schools during Lent). This is when I really got to meet the Community up close. Little by little I realized that it corresponded to what I wanted and I decided to join the Community. I was about to turn twenty. It brings together into the same family, consecrated sisters, brothers, priests, and lay members. Song: "Night Most Blessed" by the Community of the Beatitudes. Our lay families live nearby. It was recognised in 2002 by the Holy See as an association of the faithful. For maps and directions to Community of the Beatitudes view the map to the right. With all these questions going through my mind, I came across a prayer group which became the channel of a significant spiritual experience. Oh I don‘t forget the little struggles of every day that root me in my calling to open the doors of holiness to me. Surely it isn’t often  one comes across a text in French about someone coming from so far away. Faced with such Love a calling to religious life (first experienced at about 12 years of age) resurfaced in my heart: a desire to give my whole life to God in order to love Him and make His Love known. A Pentecost Experience; Come, Lord Jesus! In a prayer group a video on a ”new community” in France was making the rounds. Our professional life allows us to provide for our family, but it is also our mission to bear witness to our faith through simple gestures, actions and words. Our pilgrims come from every corner of our archdiocese, from Granby to Foxfield, from Fort Collins to Conifer. So it is with everyone begotten of the Spirit (Jn 3,8). If we live this primary grace as we learn from the Carmelite tradition, it means also that this specific feature of the spring (source) will saturate all it overflows on ; brotherly life…, “Votre don sera reçu par la Fondation pour le Clergé, en faveur de la Communauté des Béatitudes et les données recueillies sur le formulaire de don serviront aux communications de la Communauté des Béatitudes et de la Fondation pour le Clergé.”, I come from St Germain-en-Laye and am the fourth child of a family of five.…, We got married in 1993 and have three children.  We are Belgian nationals, of flemish…, I’m Austrian and have been in the Community of the Beatitudes for 22 years. In a mysterious way I heard God say to me: “Sandrine I trust you to proclaim me to others!” This was serious .I felt great peace and joy, an inner conviction that I had to commit myself to God and his Church. Text: 720.515.6719. I started studying in Paris: philosophy followed by secretarial training. God used this situation as a springboard. Since then, I have travelled a lot : six years in Africa (Ivory Coast, Rwanda, Gabon), Israel, Rome, Toulouse, Denver in Colorado… And yes, the four continents ! I spent all my time on the bike, investing all my money and all my energy on it. Contact us. Mass & Confession Times; Become Catholic; Our History; Our Staff; Events; Non-Sacramental Services; Ministries. the community of the beatitudes Denver, since 1999. ... (to follow the Evangelical Counsels and to live in the spirit of the Beatitudes) through the serious study of prayer, the scriptures, the documents of the Church, the … I joined the Community, aged 25, fourteen years ago. So much for God’s sense of humour ! When I left my island for mainland France I entered, at every level, into a phase of autonomy to which my faith was not imune: what  sort of a Christian was I?  Who was Christ for me? Nathanael Pujos. Surely it isn’t often  one comes across a text in…, A Parisian, I joined the Community at the age of 24 after a master’s degree…, We are married and have three children aged 15 to 9. We are of French, Italian…, I’m a New-Zealander of English origin.