Somehow, it hits RNH’s skate despite trying to get out of the way. Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi confirmed this to Guardian Media yesterday […] That McDavid pass hitting RNH’s skate for a 2-on-1 turnover the other way was representative. Maybe that player is in house, they need to change it up a bit. Psychologically, it’s hard to maintain the level of intensity required to keep winning in the middle of a grand winning streak. – Smiths good game came against a poor Vancouver team, and the other wins vs the other poor teams or that are struggling and the team played great. Also, will coach take out Russell against such a dangerous and hot PP? I think there’s something about McDavid that has trouble gelling with linemates, even someone as skilled as Nuge. I think he’s a good prospect, having a great year. Oh. The Russell PIM and PPG for the Leafs changed the game a bit. LT’s last comment sums it up for me, I expressed frustration last evening and this is at the heart of it. He may not be ready for the primary tough minutes. That may have got Nurse in position to deflect the second and fourth goals. Leon is trying to do too much as he does. Here is our recent work. They’re derided even, despite scoring like top 6 forwards (who aren’t expected to contribute much on D) and breaking even in 5v5 GF%. I get why Tip has kept things pretty steady with no preseason. Pretty sure Smith wasn’t playing the pass across. 2) of note, if Holloways plays one pro game this season, AHL or NHL, he will burn the first year of his ELC. And for sure Brodie has brought more offense generally (though only 19 points last season), but he’s also older, and got a 4 year deal that will pay him substantially more than Larsson’s will (I think!). His offensive game has now been top 5 in the League for four straight years. Not that Mikko hasn’t played well in his last two games but Mike Smith has a history of heaters and it is 100% defendable to play him while he’s hot. And Connor+Leon. 3 on the Swiss charts, and also reached the Top 20 in the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Austria. [8] The singer recognizes that he is not a "handsome Dan" or a "sweet talking Romeo" and admits that he has "been around a time or two". it’s been his Achilles Heel and to me what’s kept him from being worth the money but he’s been far better this year. i agree. Hopefully you found time to yell at Archibald later too. KY and Kahun don’t do enough in transition and seem fairly content to pass the puck around the outside in the offensive zone. It does cost the 1st year of his ELC – as would playing in the AHL though. Broberg-Bear Yes the shots from the D need to be better considered. [8] It’s a no-brainer for the league, the players, costs, creating rivalries. Last night, Darnell Nurse had a poor game defensively – his worst of the year. Interesting dynamic. I definitely don’t think the Oilers should do it. But the refs have shown a lot of inconsistency in how they interpret these kinds of plays when it comes to goals against and there’s a lot of bodies around and in the crease. Hey, LT. I’d suggest it’s your expectations. I would NOT be in favor of giving up either Lavoie or Samorukov for a tier C rental. That would be conducive to a long productive career.. Why would Buffalo take on the last two years of Neal to get Tyler Benson for Hall? Well we know for sure Turris won’t work… . Sign Hollaway and put him on Mcdavid’s line and I’ll bet anyone he’s a better fit then watching Nuge try to generate any offence its almost painful. – I just don’t get the goalie usage at all: Starting goalies, when they go .952 and .977 and in between have to sub-in when the starter blows, they don’t ride the bench 4 games and 10 days, or get 2 starts in 3 weeks. The only positive arrow at the time, and I specifically mentioned this, was that you liked him. But when McDavid and Drai don’t produce offence, it’s tough to win. Not one of those three would get you a 3C, unless its a contract dump like Sutter, but can they pull a left winger better than Kahun? … This article is about the Bruce Springsteen single. Sometimes teams drop turds on game day. But I would absolutely do this. Reminiscent of the TMac “button hook, low to high” days. Was last night the minutes catching up with him or a just an off night? We will lead the conservative movement and the Republican Party back to a totally conclusive victory.” A long term, $6M contract for Barrie does not fit the team’s cap structure and much of the player’s skill-set is duplicated by a developing Evan Bouchard. Toronto brought their own game puck with them. Ha. I’d start with something lesser, if anything at all. The blame game was on fire last night, as the Edmonton Oilers lost 4-0 to the division leading Toronto Maple Leafs. Forwards who score 60-odd points get paid rather a lot of money. Instead it’s going the other way and just like that it is 3-0. I would say if the right deal was available maybe you trade Barrie this season? You do know however that the rulebook is not the final say on any penalty? That’s what happened after the loss to Winnipeg. JP having 1 assist in a month playing with McDavid doesn’t make me feel great, but I’m a believer in their underlying numbers, it just feels like McDavid should be scoring more at 5v5. The Oilers would need to move out $5M to fit him in and, I’m assuming, for this season, they want him AND Nuge for the playoff run. And for Nuge to be re-signed at $7M. As a six round pick, he’s a distant bell but hopefully he can get his development on track next year at Providence after losing a full year of development. And it’s easier to keep them together because they’ve got great results (even though not supported by the underlying metrics). As far as 4-0 losses go, yesterday’s was not so bad. Thanks for yelling at Haas vicariously for me. I think we look at Mikko as the starter, not because of contract, but because of performance last season. There is a reason the Canadians just let go a very senior coach and replaced him with a much younger forward thinking coach. Offensive Dmen can certainly get paid, like Karlsson. Well, probably not the second one. Looks to me like he’s scoring lots of goals off the rush, and on the PP. I don’t believe there is – not for his full contract. Of course Florida offers great weather and zero state taxes so they will always have a built in advantage. Darnell Nurse has been wonderful this year, a legit #1 minute-munching d-man on the year. It’s past sitting on their hands time for the brass. Calgary – no real option. I’ve posted about a 2-3 deal at an AAV at apx $2.75M – if they can get him near that type of contract, I re-up him today – well, maybe after the expansion draft. How they come out next game will reveal a lot about the team and I think we will see a strong bounce back game. I’d certainly start off asking for less, and I think he would be amenable to a hometown disky. The left side of his D isn’t ideal but it sure is deep. For me it was sure disappointing given TO was without Matthews and Anderson, but I’ll reserve judgment until the end of the mini-series. You merely post the link to your animation on Giphy and voila it embeds in the comment. Lol, I did comment last night on his “300th shot attempt”. They were fumbling the puck. flat cap gives players very few options He is holding Bouchard back and on a lot of nights is responsible for more against than what he creates. The Oilers playing that poorly against the leading team, at home, is not a good sign regarding team quality. Jones Bouchard. Didn’t wallop him, but it was done: I yell at little bit but only a little bit because the wife thinks it sets a bad example for our kids (who are pretty old). Oh for sure, they have blown calls in this department, I don’t doubt it. Hearing from multiple sources that OEG is putting forth a 50-page proposal to AHS to allow a limited number of fans to attend games. And get a useful asset. 97 & 29 On (7-0)-100% That’s not smart hockey. If Wisconsin doesn’t move on to the Final Four, technically Holloway could sign and have a good 24-25 Condors games remaining (if they choose to start him in the AHL). hmm, Ethan Bear had far better defensive impacts in spite of being a rookie. Was curious. It was a very skilled scoring play by Spezza point blank. But this recent study uses old data. From what I’ve read of TOR fans, Engvall is said to be their JJ who also cleared waivers. This is echoed in the song "Girls in their Summer Clothes" which includes the line "Love's a fools' dance, I ain't got no sense, but I've still got my feet. VAN -6 They are willing to lose him for free obviously for cap savings. That’s a 1-0 game and they deserve the win, but we will see a different game on Monday from the big guys. I have zero desire to re-sign Tyson Barrie but a one-year stop gap to allow for reasonable development of Bouchard is not a bad thing. My guess is it’s stayed together this long largely because all parties involved really want Kahun-Draisaitl to have a fairy tale ending. Also, for those who think Hall is The Answer for our top 6 left winger, what is attractive about his 1 goal in 17 games? 46pts in 148gp isn’t too bad for a career AHLer. The big speculation fom Leavins this morning is that the Oil will either trade for a 3C, maybe someone like Sutter with half-retained, or plug Holloway into the Top 6 and run Nuge at 3C. But yeah that’s pretty fair. When in fact, they were probably often the only play and if we had a Joe Pavelski who could tip every wrist shot, he might have had 3 assists. To me, it was one of the games Casey Stengel talked about 60 years ago. Russell. The Connor and Leon lines should be pushing all game 5v5. Scoring chance data doesn’t work, it relies on arbitrary distinctions, and we really shouldn’t rely on them. Damn near all of them are HD shots (slight exaggeration). Or just get rid of him. “Energy levels” and “give them a bit of a break” were phrases used by Coach T. Stauff asked Tip today about potential lineup changes and Tip responded with “we’ll see, we’re not going to skate today so we’ll evaluate where we are in the morning – weren’t as sharp as we needed to be and TO played a good road game and we’ll re-group and come back tomorrow. No time like the present. It was released as a single in some countries, following "Brilliant Disguise" and the title track, but was not released as a single in the United States. Samorukov for a year of Ekholm and a far better fit (Ekholm vs Barrie) for the Oilers D this season? MTL +3 For example, it’s unfortunate to get the only penalty in the game when so many others could have been called and have it become a GA. It’s unfortunate that Smith couldn’t see the shot on the PPG and there was a body in his way preventing him from getting square. So hard to figure out how to get all four (4) right shot D in the lineup without going with 7D.