She replaced Jean-Claude Juncker in … [16], In 1986, she married physician Heiko von der Leyen, a member of the von der Leyen family that made a fortune as silk merchants and was ennobled in 1786; her husband became a professor of medicine and the CEO of a medical engineering company. In the family, she has been known since childhood as Röschen, a diminutive of Rose. [32], In 2015, researchers collaborating at the VroniPlag Wiki reviewed von der Leyen's 1991 doctoral thesis and alleged that 43.5% of the thesis pages contained plagiarism, and in 23 cases citations were used that did not verify claims for which they were given. [57], In the negotiations to form a government following the 2013 federal elections, von der Leyen led the CDU/CSU delegation in the labour policy working group, with Andrea Nahles of the SPD as her co-chair. [55], In November 2010, von der Leyen was elected (with 85% of the votes) as one of four deputies of CDU chairwoman Angela Merkel, serving alongside Volker Bouffier, Norbert Röttgen and Annette Schavan. ", "Germany Appoints 1st Female Defense Minister", "Von der Leyen: pro-EU fixture in Merkel's Cabinets", "Who is Ursula von der Leyen, the New EU Commission President? info); née Albrecht, 8 October 1958) is a German politician. Amidst protest, particularly from the conservative wing of her party, the CDU, she introduced the Child Advancement Act [de] (Kinderförderungsgesetz), which reserved 4.3 billion euros for the creation of childcare structures throughout Germany. She later expressed regret for having cited an inaccurate study. In the negotiations to form a coalition government following the elections, she led the CDU/CSU delegation in the working group on health policy; her co-chair from the FDP was Philipp Rösler. Ursula von der Leyen stammt aus der Familie Albrecht und wuchs bis 1971 in Brüssel, anschließend im südöstlich von Hannover gelegenen Ilten auf. [2][3] She was then elected by the European Parliament on 16 July;[4][nb 1] she took office on 1 December, becoming the first woman in such role. Prior to her current position, she served in the Cabinet of Germany from 2005 to 2019, holding successive positions in Angela Merkel's cabinet, serving most recently as Minister of Defence. [71], On the contrary, von der Leyen said that giving the Ukrainians arms to help them defend themselves could have unintended and fateful consequences. [4] Germany abstained from the vote to nominate her. "[129] Von der Leyen condemned the U.S. decision to restrict travel from the coronavirus-affected Europe to the United States. The so-called Herzog Commission, named after its chairman, the former German President Roman Herzog, recommended a comprehensive package of reform proposals including, among other things, decoupling health and nursing care premiums from people's earnings and levying a monthly lump sum across the board instead. [36] Critics questioned the independence of the commission that reviewed the thesis as von der Leyen personally knew its director from joint work for an alumni association. "[107], On 2 July 2019, von der Leyen was proposed by the European Council as their candidate for the office of President of the European Commission. Szef MON wzywa attache obrony Niemiec. Jacob Funk Kirkegaard, a senior fellow at the German Marshall Fund thinktank in Brussels, believes Von der Leyen’s gravest mistake is missing an opportunity to tell a “fantastic story” about EU openness. [43][44] In the negotiations to form a government following the 2005 federal elections, Von der Leyen led the CDU/CSU delegation in the working group on families; her co-chair from the SPD was Renate Schmidt. Ursula von der Leyen has seven children Credit: AFP Ursula has seven children, who were born between 1987 and 1999. [42], Ahead of the 2005 federal elections, Angela Merkel chose Ursula von der Leyen to cover the family and social security portfolio in her shadow cabinet. Upon completing her doctoral studies, she graduated as a Doctor of Medicine in 1991. In May 2015, the German government approved an increase in defence spending, at the time 1.3% of GDP, by 6.2% over the following five years, allowing the Ministry of Defense to modernize the army fully. [150], Von der Leyen was in charge of the request to ban and rate the Rammstein album Liebe ist für alle da by the Federal Review Board for Media Harmful to Minors. [49][50][99][100][101][102] In 2010 she was Merkel's preferred candidate for President of Germany, but her nomination was blocked by the conservative wing of the CDU/CSU. The prime ministers of Belgium and the Netherlands, Alexander De Croo and Mark Rutte, insisted on additional commitments to open supply chains in the Thursday night summit communiqué. Most of her ancestors were from the former states of Hanover and Bremen in today's northwestern Germany; she has one American great-grandmother of primarily British descent, with more distant French and Italian ancestors, and some ancestors from what are now the Baltic states, then in Imperial Russia. He will be succeeded by Wolfram, Hereditary Prince of Leyen … After graduating as a physician from the Hannover Medical School in 1987, she specialized in women's health. Among her ancestors were Carolina governors John Yeamans, James Moore, Robert Gibbes, Thomas Smith and Joseph Blake, Pennsylvania deputy governor Samuel Carpenter, and the American revolutionary and lieutenant governor of South Carolina James Ladson. [65] She later opposed the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. Germany lobbies India to buy Eurofighters, submarines, "Surge in German arms sales to Saudi Arabia and Turkey", "Germany's Angela Merkel makes arms export pact with France", "Merkel eyes relief for German taxpayers", "Merkel's Surprise: A Woman in Charge of Defense", "Merkel takes oath of office, begins third term", "Seeking Global Role, German Military Stumbles", "German defence ministry and arms industry come under fire", An interview with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. Von der Leyen is a member of the German branch of the European Movement. As for Juncker’s intervention, sources close to the ex-president say his target was not Von der Leyen but instead the EU’s member states. In 1971, she relocated to Lehrte in the Hanover region after her father had become CEO of the food company Bahlsen and involved in state politics in Lower Saxony. In der täglichen Arbeit wird Präsidentin von der Leyen von ihrem Team unterstützt. That development follows the debacle of the aborted attempt to draw an export border on the island of Ireland at the time of the announcement of the original export authorisation regulation. * 8. [75][76] After Bundeswehr officials failed to properly investigate persistent reports of brutal hazing rituals, sexual humiliation, and bullying in military training, von der Leyen fired the army's training commander, Major General Walter Spindler, in 2017. Moreover, they have a strong social and economic impact, they disrupt people's lives and business across the borders. mostly because allegedly hysterical and oversensitive stand of the populist Warsaw government. There is a common thread running through the career of Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission. [158][159] In 2016, von der Leyen caused controversy after she refused to wear a hijab while visiting Saudi Arabia. [10] In 1980 he ran for the CDU nomination for the German chancellorship, backed by CDU chairman Helmut Kohl, but narrowly missed the candidacy to fellow conservative Franz Josef Strauß (who then lost the general election to the sitting chancellor Helmut Schmidt); in the 1990 state elections Ernst Albrecht lost his office to Gerhard Schröder, who later became German chancellor. In 2016, she asked for an additional 12.7 million euros in damages for delays in the delivery of a fourth plane. [145] The combination of a sensitive topic like child pornography and internet censorship is said to have caused a rising interest in the Pirate Party. Von der Leyen was elected as a member of the CDU executive board in December 2014 and received 70.5% of the votes. È presieduta dalla tedesca Ursula von der Leyen, esponente del Partito Popolare Europeo, eletta dal Parlamento europeo il 16 luglio 2019, dopo essere stata nominata dal Consiglio europeo il 2 luglio precedente, a seguito dei risultati delle elezioni europee del 2019. [46], At the federal election of 2009, von der Leyen was elected to the Bundestag, Germany's Parliament, representing the 42nd electoral district of Hanover, alongside Edelgard Bulmahn of the Social Democrats. Diversamente dal predecessore Juncker, von der Leyen non è stata scelta a partire dai candidati (noti con l'espressione tedesca Spitzenkandidat) alla guida della Commissione proposti dalle famiglie politiche europee prima del voto. [61] She has faced domestic criticism for her leadership style, reliance on outside consultants, and continued gaps in military readiness. E in molti rimpiangono l’attenzione che Jean Claude Juncker, il predecessore di von der Leyen, aveva per la sensibilità politica del gruppo popolare. Snel thuis bezorgd. In vaccine production it is a mouse and the EU will very soon by far be the largest producer in the world … I think they should stop reading the Daily Mail.”, EU leaders back 'global value chains' instead of vaccine export bans. Ursula von der Leyen advocated the initiation of a mandatory blockage of child pornography on the Internet through service providers via a block list maintained by the Federal Criminal Police Office of Germany (BKA), thus creating the necessary infrastructure for extensive censorship of websites deemed illegal by the BKA. Carl and Mary were the parents of Ursula von der Leyen's grandfather, the psychologist Carl Albrecht, who was known for developing a new method of meditation and for his research on mystical consciousness. [90], During a 2015 visit to India, von der Leyen expressed support for a project initiated by the Indian government to build six small German TKMS diesel-electric submarines for a total cost of $11 billion. Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen, född Albrecht den 8 oktober 1958 i Ixelles i Belgien, är en tysk konservativ politiker tillhörande CDU och Europeiska folkpartiet (EPP).Hon är sedan 1 december 2019 [ 1 ] ordförande i Europeiska kommissionen , efter att ha föreslagits av Europeiska rådet och valts till posten av Europaparlamentet den 16 juli samma år. A series of catastrophic misjudgements, and a failure to deliver. Von der Leyen als Nato-Generalsekretärin im Gespräch, "Verteidigungsministerin Ursula von der Leyen als Nato-Generalsekretärin im Gespräch", "EU Leaders Tap Germany's Von Der Leyen as Commission Chief", "EU-Kommission: Von der Leyen sagt Krebs den Kampf an", "Commission prepares for von der Leyen transition", "Deutscher Bundestag – Ausgeschiedene Abgeordnete der 19. [175] In November 2019, at Paris Peace Forum, von der Leyen said that there is need for stable and responsible leadership in Europe and that the bloc must increase foreign policy budget spending by one-third. She met him at a university choir in Göttingen. Das Geschlecht ist 1971 mit Ferdinand Maria Prinz von der Leyen im Mannesstamm erloschen. The auditing office has found several irreglularities in how the contracts were awarded. In 2005, she joined the federal cabinet, first as Minister of Family Affairs and Youth from 2005 to 2009, then as Minister of Labour and Social Affairs from 2009 to 2013, and finally as Minister of Defence from 2013 to 2019, the first woman to serve as German defence minister. [21] She is a keen equestrian and has been involved in competitive horseriding. [45], In 2005, Ursula von der Leyen was appointed Federal Minister of Family Affairs and Youth in the cabinet of Angela Merkel. Wijnen van Von Der Leyen bij Bovino. The bloc will also be best placed to respond to new Covid-19 variants. The origin can be traced to the middle of the 10th century, which had estates on the Moselle.Originally the family was named de Petra or by its castle in Gondorf (Cunthereve). That same month, she participated in the first joint cabinet meeting of the governments of Germany and Turkey in Berlin. But since January, she has been engaged in a bitter row with the Anglo-Swedish pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, and in turn the British government, over a shortfall in EU vaccine supplies, culminating last week in a broadening of the bloc’s powers to block exports. [88] Under her leadership, the ministry agreed to accept 13 million euros in compensation for delays in deliveries of both the second and third A400M aircraft. She was a member of the committee on social policy of CDU in Lower Saxony from 1996, and also became active in the association of medical doctors in the CDU party. Jest reakcja ministra Macierewicza. As a mother of seven children, she was a housewife during parts of the 1990s and lived for four years in Stanford, California, while her husband was on faculty at Stanford University, returning to Germany in 1996. There needs to be more accountability for failed performance inside the union and greater attention to policy incentives. "[177] In June 2017, Von der Leyen voted against her parliamentary group's majority and in favour of Germany's introduction of same-sex marriage. [51] By placing a significant party figure such as von der Leyen at the head of the Defence Ministry, Merkel was widely seen as reinvigorating the scandal-ridden ministry's morale and prestige. She attended the European School, Brussels I.[8]. they claimed that German foreign policy was not forged on TV-shows, that von der Leyen's words were taken out of context and that the general tone of her statement was highly sympathetic towards Poland. [176], When the Federal Constitutional Court ruled in favour of tax equality to same-sex couples in 2013, von der Leyen came forward in support of equal adoption rights, arguing that "I know of no study that says that children growing up in same-sex partnerships fare any differently than children who grow up in heterosexual marriages or partnerships. As a former ruling and mediatized family, it belongs to the Hochadel (high nobility).. History. [52] In 2013, she concluded an agreement with the Government of the Philippines that was aimed at helping Filipino health care professionals to gain employment in Germany. “These are not failures of the commission. Others, however, question the tone of the commission’s communications and the subsequent focus on the UK’s lack of exports, a country with a population a seventh the size of the EU and with a small and stuttering vaccine production line. A series of catastrophic misjudgements, and a failure to deliver. Wahlperiode", "EU-Mercosur deal divides both sides of the Atlantic", "Amazon fires spark European rift at G7 over Mercosur trade deal", "We must not barter the Amazon rainforest for burgers and steaks", "Timmermans unhappy with Dombrovskis unexpected 'promotion, "EU post to 'protect European way of life' called 'disgusting,' 'reprehensible, "EU accused of adopting 'fascist rhetoric' with new Commissioner For Protecting Our European Way of Life to oversee immigration policy", "New EU post to protect European Way of Life slammed as 'grotesque, "Juncker criticizes von der Leyen over 'European way of life' commissioner", "EU Parliament Chief Questions 'European Way of Life' Title", "Coronavirus: EU rules out Schengen border closures amid Italy outbreak", "Salvini and Le Pen Don't Have a Coronavirus Cure", "Coronavirus: Europe's open borders threatened by spread of disease", "Coronavirus: European borders likely to remain open despite crisis in Italy, observers say", "Coronavirus Nightmare Could Be the End for Europe's Borderless Dream", "Denmark, Poland and Czechs seal borders over coronavirus", "EU condemns Trump travel ban from Europe as virus spreads", "EU Calls for Sanctions on Belarus After Disputed Elections", "Greek PM: "It is not possible for the EU to adopt a different stance on Belarus and another on Turkey, "Merkel and Macron vow to 'preserve' EU sovereignty in eastern Mediterranean", World Economic Forum Announces New Board of Trustees, Meeting Overview: 2017 World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa, WM-Kuratorium unter Vorsitz von Dr. Thomas Bach, "BMFSFJ – Pressemitteilungen – Ursula von der Leyen: "Der Weg zum Ausbau der Kinderbetreuung ist frei, Getarnte Werbung – Die fragwürdigen PR-Kampagnen der Bundesregierung, "Kinderpornografie: Der Traum von der Internetsperrung", "Familienministerium hält an Zahlen zur Verbreitung von Kinderpornographie fest", "Ächtung von Kinderpornografie: Von der Leyen brüskiert Indien mit falscher Anschuldigung", " "Von der Leyen gesteht Fehler ein, "Rammstein: "Liebe Ist Für Alle Da" wird verboten", "Merkel faces snub over women board quotas", "Spurred by Global Crises, Germany Weighs a More Muscular Foreign Policy", "German foreign policy: No more shirking", "Ukraine Crisis Limits Merkel's Rapport with Putin", "German defense chief von der Leyen calls for stronger NATO backing in Ukraine crisis", "German Bundeswehr to train Saudi army officers", Opposition parties condemn German defence plan with Saudi Arabia, "Germany to train Saudi soldiers despite Yemen war concerns", "German minister causes controversy after refusing to wear hijab on Saudi visit", Polen empört über von der Leyen-Äußerung bei „Maybrit Illner“, Szef MON reaguje na skandaliczne słowa niemieckiej minister resortu obrony. [67] By April 2016, under von der Leyen's leadership, the German Federal Armed Forces announced they would commit 65 million Euro to establish a permanent presence at Incirlik Air Base, as part of Germany's commitment to the military intervention against ISIL. Following Scandinavian models, the scheme reserves two additional months for fathers who go on parental leave as well (Vätermonate in German). “They think of the UK [as] much more of an equal than it is. Polska reaguje na skandaliczną wypowiedź niemieckiej minister. [141], Von der Leyen also introduced the German Elternzeit, a paid parental leave scheme. [29], In 1980, she switched to studying medicine and enrolled at the Hannover Medical School, where she graduated in 1987 and acquired her medical license. [36][37], The university decided not to revoke von der Leyen's medical degree. One of the biggest communication mistakes they made was that AstraZeneca supplies were down in the EU because they were up in the UK, which is absurd,” he said. E il disagio non è solo nelle parole. Agirà secondo le regole dettate dal Trattato di Lisbona, entrato in vigore il … She told Germany's Funke Media Group in an interview published Saturday that the EU had the "possibility" to ban exports. These guidelines were inspired by her discussions with the parliament’s political groups, as well as by the European Council’s strategic agenda for 2019-2024. This decision broke a longstanding taboo on Germany's dispatching of weapons to a conflict zone. [180], Minister of Family Affairs and Youth, 2005–2009, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, 2009–2013, The process for electing the president of the European Commission is described in Article 17(7) of the. Polska odpowiada – Waszczykowski łagodnie, Macierewicz ostro. These are failures of the member states in total and so I don’t think that the getting rid of Mrs Von der Leyen would be helpful,” he told the BBC’s HARDtalk programme. Ms von der Leyen won the race to becoming European Commission President with 383 MEPs voting for her, with 327 against. There is a common thread running through the career of Ursula von der Leyen, the President of the European Commission. You look at the polls and there [are] a lot people in the CDU who are going to lose their jobs. She is the President of the European Commission . But, Kirkegaard said, the battle over exports had been “nonsense”. [48], During her time in office, von der Leyen cultivated the image of being the social conscience of the CDU[49] and helped Merkel to move the CDU into the political centre-ground. She said that she "lived more than she studied,"[28] and that London was "the epitome of modernity: freedom, the joy of life, trying everything" which "gave me an inner freedom that I have kept until today. “A leader that was a leader would have told that story,” he said. [1], Von der Leyen chaired the EPP Defence Ministers Meeting, which gathers EPP defence ministers ahead of meetings of the Council of the European Union. [11], Von der Leyen's father's grandparents were the cotton merchant Carl Albrecht (1875–1952) and Mary Ladson Robertson (1883–1960), an American who belonged to a planter family from Charleston, South Carolina. Ursula von der Leyen senza poltrona ed è 'sofagate' per Erdogan Fa discutere l'incidente di protocollo della visita dei leader Ue ad Ankara. She replaced Jean-Claude Juncker in … Stefan Wagstyl (6 October 2014), "Ursula von der Leyen vows to tackle Germany military budget". Catholic Bishop Walter Mixa accused von der Leyen of turning women into "birthing machines". Michael Nienaber and Victoria Bryan (23 January 2015). [146], In July 2009, she referred to the problems of struggling against paedophile pornography on the internet as the responsible persons often use servers located in Africa or India, where, she said, "child pornography is legal". [149] However, child pornography is, in fact, illegal in India, which has much stricter rules about erotic media than Germany. The slow rollout has only increased interest in the Russian vaccine, for which Hungary, for instance, has already … “The UK is a tiny, tiny vaccine producer and will always be that. Britain’s success has heavily featured in the German media as a point of comparison. [18] The Von der Leyen family are Lutheran members of the Evangelical Church of Germany. She also noted that Russia has an almost infinite supply of weapons it could send into Ukraine. 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Lontoossa von der Leyen käytti peitenimeä Rose Ladson ja opiskeli vuoden ajan LSE:ssä. Her American ancestors played a significant role in the British colonization of the Americas, and she descends from many of the first English settlers of Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Barbados, and from numerous colonial-era governors. Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen (German: [ˈʊʁzula fɔn dəɐ̯ ˈlaɪən] (listen); née Albrecht; born 8 October 1958) is a German politician and physician who has been President of the European Commission since 1 December 2019. Her aides point to the necessity of challenging a company that has fallen dramatically short on its promise of 120m doses of vaccine this quarter – just 30m are expected – and the need to confront Britain over its refusal to export any of those being made in the firm’s plants in Oxford and Staffordshire. The Albrecht family was among the hübsche ("courtly" or "genteel") families of the Electorate and Kingdom of Hanover—a state that was in a personal union with the United Kingdom—and her ancestors had been doctors, jurists and civil servants since the 17th century.