This episode brought to you by the crazy 3 of WordPress. Adii Pienaar is the author of Life Profitability (5.00 avg rating, 4 ratings, 1 review) We have officially named the show The DradiiCast for the evening 🙂 Biography He is the MD of Headboy, which is a product-development and commercialisation agency, best known for their DryBath® product. Tonight will be the end of the DradCast as we welcome Adii Pienaar to host episode 011. Podcast S5E104: Adii Pienaar – Building Life Profitability In this episode of the Idea to Value podcast, we speak with South African serial entrepreneur Adii Pienaar about Life Profitability. Adii Pienaar 3x SaaS Founder. 2x Exits. DradiiCast Baby! Dec 27, 2020 - SaaS entrepreneur and founder, Adii Pienaar, and Tony discuss social entrepreneurship, the interplay between business and art, the importance of honest conversations with oneself, the “why” of business, and the impact of influencers and the danger of idolizing the wrong people. He is a 30-year-old professional developer and designer of marketable plugins and themes especially for blogs hosted on WordPress. Binding Type: PaperbackPublisher: Lioncrest PublishingPublished: 01/26/2021ISBN: 9781544518527Pages: 294Weight: 0.83lbsSize: 8.50h x 5.51w x 0.66d – Adii Pienaar, WooThemes. Adii Pienaar is an entrepreneur, husband and very new father; the combination of these roles resulting in an epic & challenging journey. Follow him on social media to gather insights on WordPress and entrepreneurship. 3x SaaS Founder. Adii Pienaar. Adii Pienaar – South African Millionaires under 25 30 2. Follow Adii Pienaar and explore their bibliography from's Adii Pienaar Author Page. South African serial entrepreneur and investor Adii Pienaar’s new startup called Receiptful is making some noise. This company was founded in 2007 with a bootstrap budget. Prior to Conversio, Adii was co-founder of WooThemes/WooCommerce, where he made his early entrepreneurial mistakes while learning about building software for ecommerce stores. Adii Pienaar Co-Founder of WooThemes to Host Episode 011. Adii Pienaar is an entrepreneur, husband and very new father; the combination of these roles resulting in an epic & challenging journey. An enriched life and a … Adii Pienaar is the founder of three technology companies, two of which he’s exited so far to create first generation wealth for his family. Adii Pienaar shared a post on Instagram: “This is a quirky selfie that I took just after my last training run, the day before my first…” • Follow their account to see 1,188 posts. His company which was founded in 2007 with a bootstrap budget, generates over $3 million in annual revenues from the sale of its themes. 2. Adii Pienaar Image:, @adii Source: Instagram. Woothemes designs and develops custom commercial themes and WordPress plugins. ADII.ME - Making New Mistakes by Adii Pienaar ADII.ME has a alexa rank is #2,319,573 in the world, estimated worth of $ 480.00 and have a daily income of around $ 2.00. Give Back to Organizations That Have Helped You. Adii Pienaar is an entrepreneur with a passion for helping small businesses grow. The Most Influential Young South Africans initiative is an annual awards and ranking scheme for young South African Achievers between 15-40 years, spearheaded by Avance Media, a social enterprise in partnership with various Organisations. He made some early mistakes in his entrepreneurial journey, but that did not throw him out, instead, he built on it, and today, he has a fortune that is more than $5 million. Eskom announced that Stage 2 loadshedding will take place from Wednesday, 10 March until Friday, 12 March. Culture. After a few months of selling themes together, they decided to make their working relationship official and jointly launch WooThemes. Many organizations — schools, nonprofits, industry associations, even companies — … Bio. Adii Pienaar- The 32 year old is the founder of the company Woothemes which is a company that designs and develops customisable commercial themes and plugins for WordPress. Adii’s personal journey enabled him to discover a rich, fulfilling life that coincides … 2. Adii Pienaar is an entrepreneur, husband and very new father; the combination of these roles resulting in an epic & challenging journey. ABOUT US. PaperBack by Adii Pienaar Unlike the bio’s of most “serial” entrepreneurs, Adii is (as at the time of this going to press) a one-hit wonder with his role as co-founder of WooThemes. In November 2007, Mark Forrester, Magnus Jepson, and Adii Pienaar teamed up online to build a new theme for WordPress. He has been a member of the Global Shapers Johannesburg Hub since 2017 (an initiative of the World Economic Forum); where he … The power utility made the announcement on… The co-founder of the popular website theme builder, WooThemes — which is also behind one of the world’s biggest online shop builders, WooCommerce — has developed an elegantly simple tool that helps online shops increase customer engagement using email receipts. 5. Adii Pienaar is the founder of Conversio. Adii Pienaar; Adii Pienaar is another South African millionaire who managed to cross the threshold of South African millionaires at a young age. Register Domain Names at Namecheap Inc. 11 years 9 months 14 days ago . Welcome to the DradiiCast! The New Measure of Entrepreneurial Success. Adii Pienaar is the co-founder of WooCommerce and the founder of Conversio, which was acquired by Campaign Monitor. The … 2x Exits. adiirx created a custom book cover on 99designs. GG’s early life in rural Zululand in the 1970s and 80s can only be described as unique. Holy San Tan, Batman! Life Profitability from Dymocks online bookstore. About Adii An entrepreneur and founder of two global multimillion-dollar companies, Adii Pienaar prides himself on the commercial and life profitability of his businesses. Interviews about the history of WordPress About these interviews. Born Adriaan Pienaar, Adii is yet another among the youngest millionaires in South Africa, who made their fortune thanks to the internet. Another person who falls in the category of the richest kids in South Africa is Adii Pienaar. Adii Pienaar Pienaar owns a company, Woothemes, that designs and develops customizable commercial themes and plugins for WordPress. A prolific reader, writer and maker, Adii brings a refreshing perspective to the way he views family, business and wealth. He has a company known as Woothemes that was founded in 2007 through bootstrap financing. In Life Profitability, Adii provides you with a new perspective for becoming self-aware, recognizing your values, and understanding your impact. Through his blog and tweets, he talks about his wide range of interests, where entrepreneurships seems to be a recurring topic. They got dozens of unique ideas from professional designers and picked their favorite. SA entrepreneur Adii Pienaar, who helped launch WooThemes before it was acquired by Automattic for a reported over $30-million, has announced that his latest startup Conversio has been acquired by the CM Group — reportedly for over R100-million (over $6.7-million).. Nashville-based CM Group has a family of global marketing technology brands. Adii Pienaar is an entrepreneur, husband and very new father; the combination of these roles resulting in an epic & challenging journey.