Rate. Ray is not without his vices, casually spending ISIS funding renting a Malaysian slave boy. In Legs, after hitting the breaking point of frustration with Sterling and some coercion by Krieger, Ray decides to undergo an operation to restore his ability to walk by having his lower body replaced with bionic prosthetics. That was a pretty weird time for me...Ray Gillette. For two years. While Lana piloted the yacht, she got annoyed by Ray and jarred the yacht, causing a make-up applicator to get lodged in his eye. He especially despised Archer for his cavalier attitude and refusal to take responsibilty for injuring him. Malory sent Ray on a mission that brought him near the Russian border, despite Archer's volunteering to go on the mission. He assisted Archer in his plan to prevent ODIN from purchasing ISIS. Like most of ISIS, he finds Sterling annoying, takes pleasure in tormenting him, such as the time he found Malory Archer's vibrator hidden in her desk[2] and doesn't value Archer's life nearly as much as anyone else's, like when he never bothered to tell Archer how to disarm the explosives on Malory's desk. 5. He is voiced by H. Jon Benjamin. He has no problem with lying to his friends and coworkers, such as when he lied to them for months about being paralyzed and felt no guilt when found out. He assisted the ISIS field agents on their trip to Switzerland to help protect Anka Schlotz. Chris Archer Stats, Fantasy & News ... passing David Price (9) in 2011 and Rolando Arrojo (9) in 1999…on the road, his 5.44 ERA (99.1-IP, 60-ER) was 5th highest in the AL but received 6.34 R/9 IP in run support, 9th highest in the AL. When things went bad, he disguised himself as Malory to expedite the mission, wearing a wig and one of her Chanel suits. Ray's full name is Raymond Q. Gillette, as stated in White Elephant. He has one brother, Randy Gillette, a marijuana farmer. First detected in 1999, V4641 Sgr is a variable X-ray binary system once considered to be the closest black hole to Earth, at a distance of about 1,600 light years. He has developed a fear of eventually becoming a complete cyborg as his legs, feet, and right hand are now bionic. Unlike Sterling Archer, he is not nearly as selfish, such as voluntarily going to rescue Pam Poovey after her kidnapping, as well as picking up the jobs of others when they're unable to. Ray is a skilled aircraft pilot, often piloting planes to carry the main cast throughout season 5. When Dr. Algernop Krieger gave him bionic legs, he initially opposed it on a moral level, believing that it was something only God should do. Regardless of this, Ray begins wearing a glove over his bionic hand. In Southbound and Down, when Krieger repairs Ray's bionic legs, Ray exclaims "About damn time! Rate. ". Ray is probably based on King Camp Gillette. Pam is a hulking grey alien, while Cheryl/Carole is a bloodthirsty/suicidal spacefighter pilot. Archer wakes up from his three-year coma. [1] It is also the final season for Adam Reed as a full time show runner. "Mother", or Ms. Archer, is a glowing ball of light. Prior to his employment at ISIS, Ray had a very interesting and diverse array of life experiences. He grew far more cynical and depressed, and was often seen drinking heavily even at work. However, after the operation he was much more positive and happy for being able to walk again. [2], These different versions have similar personalities to their "normal" counterparts but are in different jobs or roles and have different relationships. He appears to use ecstasy (at raves), and is often seen smoking cigarettes, sometimes with a long cigarette holder. When Pam was kidnapped, he assisted in the control room with tracking the phone call. Krieger is the android scientist/doctor onboard, while Cyril is the onboard accountant as well as Lana's lover, and Ray is a gay courtesan. His new arm causes him to be subjected to more ridicule in Drastic Voyage: Part I and more jokes about his hand's resemblance to the one lost by Conway Stern are made by Archer and Cyril. Since 1999, we have worked to achieve compelling digital representation of over 500 clients through our unique discovery process which enables us to develop a clear understanding of your objectives and goals. His inability to go on missions angered him and hurt his pride. Sterling Malory Archer, best known as simply Archer, is the main character of the eponymous show who is considered to be the world's deadliest spy. ... Archer: 1999 -- Dining with the Zarglorp. "Mother", or Ms. Archer, is a glowing ball of light. She is an actress and writer, known for Mama's Family (1983), ALF (1986) and Project: ALF (1996). Archer, Ray, and Cyril raft down a crocodile-filled river while Lana and Pam plan a spa day for Malory. After injuring his eye, Ray is shot in the abdomen by "Bucky" (the now-arrested pirate mutineer) and is also seen in the end of the episode in an electric wheelchair being called a cripple by Cheryl. 6. Amongst the recurring characters are Barry-6, a robot space-pirate, and human space-captain Brett. Archer is confused by Ray's anger, insisting that he "already had the chair". Deep Industry Expertise. Raymond Q. Gillette,[1] also known as Ray for short, is a main character who is an ISIS analyst, bomb specialist, case officer and field agent. After being paralyzed by Sterling for real however, Ray has shown genuine anger and hostility towards him, going so far as to prevent backup being sent when Sterling was nearly gunned down by KGB agents. In Pocket Listing, during a botched mission at the Tuntmore Mansion, Ray comes face to face with an enormous and aggressive carnivorous plant. The trumpet player and band leader for the, The local gendarme on the fictional island of. In the season 7 premiere though, it was revealed Ray was once again feigning his paralysis. Malory decided to send Ray and Archer on the mission. V4641 Sagittarii is the fourth known microquasar, discovered after four of the fastest X-ray intensity changes ever seen from a star. I was married! At the end of the season, Sterling wakes from his coma in the hospital, three years after being shot. Pam is a hulking grey alien, while Cheryl/Carole is a bloodthirsty/suicidal spacefighter pilot. He's particularly friendly toward Lana Kane and regularly goes out of his way to help his friends. Ray genuinely believed the pig was sent to a farm upstate, not realizing until, Ray has a recurring and open fondness for Japanese culture. [1] Along with the change in time period, the network announced that the same voice cast would return as in previous seasons, and they would again play different versions of their characters. Ep 3 : Different Modes of Preparing Fruit, Ep 5 : Strange Doings in the Taboo Groves, Ep 7 : Comparative Wickedness of Civilized and Unenlightened Peoples, Comparative Wickedness of Civilized and Unenlightened Peoples, http://www.vulture.com/2013/02/archer-characters-real-life-models/slideshow/8/, Mission analysis, Pilot, Firearms, Hand to hand combat, Olympic-level skier, bomb specialist, Cheer-leading at Marshall University, demonstrated by deftly lifting Lana while attempting to escape the pirate fortress' dungeon in ", Being married for 2 years to a lesbian he met at a "pray away the gay" camp. (Admitting, "it was a pretty weird time for [him]."). Though he survives the encounter, Ray's right arm below his elbow is devoured, just before he manages to furiously stab the creature to death. Back at headquarters, he is ridiculed for his lack of an arm by the other staff members. As a young boy, his father took him on a hunting trip where Ray killed a bear with a bow. The suave, confident and devastatingly handsome Sterling Archer may be the world’s greatest spy, but he still has issues with his friends and colleagues who live to undermine and betray one another. A voyage home gets interrupted by an alien battle cruiser carrying precious cargo. In early episodes, Ray was referred to by his last name Gillette by Malory and Sterling Archer. On a mission to Monaco, the ISIS team was tasked with obtaining a data disc that was valuable to Malory. In the opening of Season 4, Ray follows the rest of the group to a resort in hopes of restoring Archer's suppressed memories, while at the same time expressing heavy disdain over his paralyzed state. His father then forced him to take a bite out of the bear's heart and slapped Ray repeatedly until he complied. Ray remained unconscious for an hour and sustained a heavy injury to his eye. His apartment is decorated in a modern Japanese style, and he traditionally eats a. He stated that it was "assumed" by his coworkers that he was paralyzed, however, he affirmed their assumptions multiple times, such as in. This is the first season where creator Adam Reed has not written every episode for the season. Expires in 7 days. 7.3 (578) 0. The crew provides entertainment for Bort while Barry-6 tries to crack Archer's safe. Sn.5 Ep.7 "Archer Vice: Smuggler's Blues" LATEST Sn.5 Ep.7 . Barry Dylan. When it was apparent that nobody would rescue her, he volunteered, which spurred Archer and Lana to volunteer. Whether set in 1940s Los Angeles, the jungles of South America or the dangerous islands of the South Pacific, ``Archer,'' this animated comedy spans t Pam's sandwich ruins everyone's dinner by releasing something deep inside of them. The crew has the aesthetic of Ridley Scott's Alien's space trucker crew. [2][3], FXX announced that this season would see a change in the time period once again, with this series taking place in space. Details of this life include: Ray has an antagonistic relationship with Malory since she sometimes uses offensive or homophobic language, always referring to Ray as "she" or "Ms". During the season three finale, Ray accompanies Archer and company to a space shuttle to help thwart an apparent mutiny. Ray grew up in the small town of Ferlin in the backwoods of West Virginia. Dependable Results. Following the re-establishment of the ISIS agency under contract of the CIA, Ray is once again a field agent, although his analysis job appears to have been eliminated due to lack of necessity. "Archer" redirects here. He has skills in electrical engineering and communications. The tenth season of the animated television series, Archer, known as Archer: 1999, premiered on May 29, 2019, on FXX. Ray is the fourth character in the series to become a cyborg. 1. Rate. We met in a "Pray Away the Gay" Bible group. The pronunciation of his last name comes off as inconsistent however. Ray is one of the more optimistic and genuinely good-natured agents at ISIS, though he has a history of acerbic and sarcastic behavior as well. 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In Achub Y Morfilod, he is given a new cybernetic arm by his co-workers (except Lana and Archer). When they were laying out a plan to do so with dolls and a map of the building, he was the "little pink sailor". Ray's paralysis has become a recurring gag, as well as the fact that it is always caused by Archer in some way. Later in the episode, he receives radio contact requesting aid to backup Archer after he and Lana are ambushed by KGB agents attempting to hunt down Archer. Sterling Archer in his comatose dreaming imagines that he is the captain of the "M/V Seamus (934TXS)", a space salvage freighter, co-captaining with his ex-wife Lana, with whom he is co-owner of the ship. Notably, he speaks French, or English with a camp French accent. Ray at one point owned a teacup pig, named Little Hamlet. Krieger is the android scientist/doctor onboard, while Cyril is the onboard accountant as well as Lana's lover, and Ray is a gay courtesan. For the TV series of the same name, see Archer (TV series). She has been married to Robert Bernard since April 10, 1976. After the events at the end of season 7, seasons 8, 9 and 10 see Ray take the form of a dream persona: Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Being a disgraced former minister who is still capable of performing marriages for straight couples (the irony is not lost on him) and he has been known to wear a clerical shirt and collar underneath his clothes. After his alleged crippling, Ray was removed from the active field agent roster, being replaced by, Ray is a very good artist, being able to flawlessly draw the snake that bit Archer in. Rate. This means that Archer, who was found shot in actress Veronica Deane's pool at the conclusion of season seven, remains in a coma, and the events of the season are of his imagination. At the end of the episode it is revealed that he was given a black arm by his colleagues who, in the midst of surgery, accidentally place a discolored arm on him while they're chatting about an old movie.