Subjects Blog Banner Your Post Share; news menu Home; News. 8.9K Views. 2018 L'Unione Sarda S.p.A. Tutti i diritti riservati. Read also -> Denise Pipitone, parents: “The spread of the photo is serious”, Subscribe to the newsletter to get the latest news, Puglia, negative Covid swab to access basic medicine competition, US restores aid to Palestinians –, Erdogan leaves von der Leyen without a chair. Turkey: "EU agreed on protocol", Buy a chainsaw on the internet, scammed in Santadi, Heroin and cocaine at home in Cagliari, 61 years old in handcuffs, Accident in Porto Torres, two cars involved, Round of bribes in the Milanese area, even a mayor in trouble, The first nocturnal hub for vaccinations opens in Genoa, Garavaglia: "Possible openings as early as June 2. "We await the examination of the DNA and we are hopeful", says Piera Maggio through his lawyer Giacomo Frazzitta. | Indirizzo della Sede Legale: Piazzetta L'Unione Sarda nr. “The report was born almost by chance, by a viewer. Last Updated on April 1, 2021 by Admin. Home News Business Sports Life Tech ↑↑ Is Denise Pipitone in Russia? News on the kidnapping of Denise Pipitone. The girl in question showed up on TV claiming that she was kidnapped when she was very small and looks a lot like Piera Maggio. It is true that in the past there have been similar reports, but there has never been such an important track as the one that now leads to Russia. Nuova segnalazione dalla Russia. It could clearly be just a simple “coincidence”, but it is right to follow the track to the end: it is due to mother Piera Maggio, but above all to poor Denise. Federica Sciarelli: «Torniamo sul caso» Italia. The lawyer and Piera Maggio are waiting to leave for Russia, after the authorization process by the Russian Foreign Ministry has been completed to allow him to enter the country, in compliance with the regulations for the pandemic. The case of Denise Pipitone reopens. Nella puntata di mercoledì 31 marzo si è parlato della scomparsa avvenuta a Mazara del Vallo nel 2004.; Una giovane russa di nome Olesya è alla ricerca della madre. Denise Pipitone case, negative DNA test for the Russian family who had contacted Olesya. The girl was only 4 years old and she disappeared while she was playing in front of her grandmother’s house. Tomorrow to Who has seen the story of the child who died in 2004 (ANSA) Could Denise Pipitone be the girl who made an appeal on Russian television , saying she was kidnapped when she was little? Denise Pipitone’s mother in all these years has never given up and has continued to search for her beloved child, with the hope of finding her today transformed into a woman. IL TG LIVE DI YESLIFE MAGAZINE. The truth about Denise Pipitone becomes a reality show. Vaccines in Lombardy, the opposition in the Chamber: “Contacted by hundreds of elderly still waiting. If you can’t, we’ll call them” - Wednesday 31st March 2021 05:15 AM Wired says: "Watch out for the three Sardinians", The Deiana couple: "Here in England already vaccinated. Denise Pipitone in Russia?Questo è quanto anticipato nella giornata di ieri dai canali ufficiali di Chi L’Ha Visto?, l’appuntamento in prima serata che va in onda ogni mercoledì su Rai 3 alle 21:20 con la conduzione di Federica Sciarelli.Secondo il trailer della puntata la piccola Denise, scomparsa da Mazara Del Vallo il 1° settembre 2004 all’età di 4 anni, potrebbe trovarsi in Russia. A girl who is the same age as Piera Maggio’s daughter went on TV to look for her mother: according to the first images arrived in Italy and shown in the promo of Who has seen, the similarity is striking. Di questo caso parla ‘Chi l’ha visto’, che nel corso di tutto questo tempo ha più volte trattato il caso Pipitone. Could it be Denise? Denise Pipitone, there is a new track: Piera Maggio leaves for Russia A girl's appeal to Russian TV: "They kidnapped me as a child, I'm looking for my family." "I'll tell you how it went. Il legale e Piera Maggio sono in attesa di partire per la Russia… | Codice Fiscale ed iscrizione presso l'Ufficio Registro Imprese di Cagliari 01687830925 (P.I. Federica Sciarelli, host of “Who has seen it?”. 24 | Capitale sociale 11.400.000,00 i.v. Venne rapita nel 2004. Blomstedt’s style ... Is Denise Pipitone in Russia? Related Videos. It could be Denise Pipitone the girl who made an appeal on Russian television, saying she was kidnapped when she was little? Denise Pipitone, forse è in Russia. Sensational news from Russia on the Denise Pipitone case. 5:25. Sports . Denise Pipitone potrebbe essere ancora viva e trovarsi in Russia. A girl who is the same age as Denise Pipitone went on TV to look for her mother: the similarity is striking. The little girl who vanished 17 years ago in Mazara Del Vallo could be alive and in Russia. Si è parlato tanto del caso, si sono vissute ore drammatiche e giorni di speranza. Perhaps it is a suggestion due to the similarity, but the young woman is the same age that Denise would be today ". Read also -> Denise Pipitone, her mother’s accusation: “16 years of silence and cowardice”. Share this article! Here is the possible reveal date –, Aurora Ramazzotti breaks the silence on Tommaso Zorzi: ‘Together we are explosive, I have always protected you because …’, “Ignorant”, the reaction of Alberto Matano – Baritalia News, Salvator Mundi, the whole story of the false Leonardo – Art, Gianni Sperti: the break with Paola Barale | Finally the truth, Cristina Chiabotto, photo with the belly: Luce Maria is coming, Inoki launches “The Hell Strikers”, a rap challenge to the last rhyme, Aversa Normanna, 3-1 in Tuscania and now the playoff dream for Serie A2, Covid, in Austria the Court rejects the tests. Qualcuno che inciampi su Denise Pipitone". This time it will probably be decisive, in the coming weeks, an examination of the DNA, provided that there are the conditions to do so. Ma solo il Dna potrà dare una … But in Milan it's chaos: "A shame", He collects "false saffron" flowers and uses them to season pasta: he dies poisoned, In Brazil, record deaths (over 4 thousand), Bolsonaro thunders against the lockdown: "It makes you fat", Ema: "Thrombosis cases are very rare side effects of AstraZeneca", Two pedestrians hit on the strips by a pirate car, a 47-year-old died, Covid, the Irish study: "Only one positive out of a thousand is infected outdoors", The world's first trachea transplant performed on a 56-year-old woman, Poggi murder, Stasi's appeal rejected: "No to the reopening of the trial, unfounded arguments", No von der Leyen chair, Erdogan leaves it on the sofa: the sofagate explodes, The alert of the Civil Protection: freezing in the night in Sardinia, Cagliari: auto burns the stop, 14 year old on a scooter ends up on the ground, Orgosolo, the hunt for Graziano Mesina continues, Vaccini, UNHCR's appeal: "Equal access be given to refugees", Vaccines in the company, there is the go-ahead: the protocol signed, we start in May, Death of Covid in hospital: an investigation for manslaughter in Nuoro, Staff Giunta, the general discussion of the bill is underway, Vaccines, the island still far from 17 thousand doses per day: yesterday exceeded 6 thousand, Moby Prince, Silvio Lai: "A bicameral commission of inquiry is useful", He falls from the fourth floor of a building while cleaning the windows: a 58-year-old dies, Covid, in the US half of Covid infections concentrated in 5 states, At Marino di Alghero he opens the room of hugs for Covid patients, Serena Enardu's car is on fire, the person responsible in Quartu identified, Over 5 thousand marijuana plants, 21-year-old arrested in Oliena, Crisanti: "Thrombosis with AstraZeneca? Denise Pipitone, decisivo il test del Dna: Piera Maggio va in Russia. Martedì 30 Marzo 2021 di Flaminia Savelli. Denise Pipitone, la mamma furiosa: “In Russia sanno già la verità” Alessandra D'Ancona - 4 Aprile 2021 Rebecca Papi, chi è la figlia di Enrico Papi: oggi ha 20 anni Lo dice Piera Maggio, la mamma di Denise Pipitone, tramite il suo avvocato Giacomo Frazzitta, sentito dall'Ansa. In Russia a girl very similar to Piera Maggio, Denise's mother, spoke on TV telling her story, who disappeared in 2004 is looking for her parents, and the hope of is rekindled: 02544190925) | REA: CA-136248, AstraZeneca, Aifa: "Probable protective effect from thrombosis in over 60s", Air and sea continuity, meeting in Rome with the deputy minister, Von der Leyen without a chair, it's a storm. Era il 1 settembre 2004, Denise Pipitone aveva solo 4 anni e improvvisamente scomparve, mentre giocava davanti al portone di casa a Marzara del Vallo, nel trapanese. A girl made an appeal on Russian television claiming that she was kidnapped when she was a child, and many have noticed the resemblance to Piera Maggio, Denise's mother who has been fighting to find out the truth about her daughter for 17 years. 3:29. Now all the checks have to be done: you need to have patience and be scrupulous ". Related Videos. The report was born almost by chance, from one of our viewers who reported that in Moscow there is a young woman who is the same age as Denise and who looks very much like Piera Maggio, the mother of little girl who disappeared 17 years ago. Stasera ne parlerà "Chi l'ha visto?" Covid-free islands? The result of the tests live on TV, the latest news from Russia – Il Tempo Breaking News admin News Monday 05th April 2021 07:00 AM REPORT Remove. Si riaccendono le speranze di trovare la bambina di Mazara del Vallo scomparsa nel 2004. Come potrebbe essere successo con l'infermiera che dalla Russia ha contattato la trasmissione. The picture, Dubai, 11 nude models on the balcony will be deported to their country of origin. April 1, 2021 7:37 pm by Helga Dosa Views: 106. Il caso di cronaca che ha tenuto l’Italia con il fiato sospeso. Le ultime sulla ragazza che ha parlato dalla Russia. The result of the tests live on TV, the latest news from Russia – Il Tempo, Denise Pipitone, the images of Olesya Rostova published on social media, Milan, 237 fake items sent by post seized in 3 months, Olesya Rostova is Denise Pipitone? ultimo minuto caso denise pipitone - dalla russia sono appena arrivate importanti novitÀ: Il test del DNA effettuato su Olesya Rostova ha escluso una relazione tra la ragazza e la donna russa che aveva reclamato la maternità. La storia di Denise Pipitone, dalla sparizione alla speranza dalla Russia. Breaking News; The truth about Denise Pipitone becomes a reality show. Sono passati 17 lunghi anni da allora e, oggi, si riaccende la speranza di averla finalmente trovata. Russian TV keeps the DNA data a secret: only today will it reveal the outcome, Denise Pipitone case, mystery solved: “Biological sister found”. Gaffe di Ricky Tognazzi sulla storia di Denise Pipitone in Russia: ultime news dopo ‘Chi l’ha visto’ La storia di Olesya Rostova, ragazza russa che potrebbe essere Denise Pipitone scomparsa nel 2004 a Mazara del Vallo, ha tenuto incollati al televisore molti telespettatori di “Chi l’ha visto?” , trasmissione di Raitre condotta da Federica Sciarell i. 9.2K Views. Denise Pipitone in Russia: il caso a Chi l’ha Visto. "We are with our feet on the ground, we do not want to give any certainty - specifies the presenter -, also because Piera has seen and passed many in these years. E dopo anni di segnalazioni e false piste si riaccende la speranza sul suo possibile rit Taking a plane is 100 times more dangerous", Cocaine and marijuana, 29 years old in trouble in Serrenti, Oristano, fire in the night destroys the Roma slum, Influencer and creator of the future? Denise Pipitone disappeared 17 years ago from Mazara del Vallo, in the Trapani area. But there is no trace of Silvana, Lanusei, all ready at PalaLixius: two thousand people will be vaccinated, He abuses a girl, takes her back with his mobile phone and then blackmails her: Olbiese on trial, Hacker attack on the electronic register: inconvenience on returning to class, a ransom demanded, Olesya-Denise case: here is the official "verdict", Quartu, fire in the former primary school in via Fadda, AstraZeneca, towards a "preferential" use for the over 60s, Vaccinations, inconvenience in Nuoro: over 80 gathered in the cold waiting for the call, Ninety-year-old found lifeless at home: "He was stabbed", They drink a beer in the street: Uri, in 5 fined for a gathering, In Italy 13,708 new positives and 627 victims, down the hospitalizations, Cagliari, 36 years old hit by a bus in via Bacaredda, Pula, the businessman Carlo Monni died of Covid, Region, Aldo Salaris (Reformers) is the new councilor for public works, Abandoned on the Mexico-US border, a crying child rescued by agents, "The elderly show up for the vaccine." Breaking News; Case Denise Pipitone, from Russia negative DNA test: hopefully in the blood test Breaking News admin News Friday 02nd April 2021 06:19 AM REPORT Remove. La storia di Denise Pipitone rappresenta una dei grandi misteri della cronaca italiana. Fonti dalla Russia fanno sapere che il prelevamento del Dna è già stato effettuato . Federica Sciarelli, presenter of Who has seen it? – “We are with our feet on the ground, we […] Viaggio in Russia nella speranza di ritrovare, dopo ben 21 anni, Denise Pipitone. If you want to follow all our news in real time CLICK HERE. There are temporal coincidences and also a similarity between the young woman and Piera". Sciarelli: 'Let's go back to the case' 2021-03-30T16:16:37.069Z. We can do it", Contracts to the Pescara ASL: the psychiatrist in cell yesterday took his own life, New night of violence in Belfast, a public bus set on fire, Doctor in handcuffs for sexual violence: he is the brother of Pietro Grasso, Robberies and thefts at ATMs and homes: eight stopped, The state of Virginia legalizes marijuana, Oristano, fire in the night destroys the Roma slum VIDEO, Aglientu, we continue to search. Lifestyle admin Lifestyle Wednesday 31st March 2021 09:37 AM REPORT Remove. We recall that Denise disappeared into thin air on 1 September 2004: since then many investigations but, unfortunately, no concrete development. Video News 365. The end of the nightmare is approaching", Stefano Sechi, hotelier and restaurateur in Biella: "The many contradictions of the rules", Farewell to Fabio, the well-known face of TV with a heart linked to Sardinia. ultimo minuto caso denise pipitone - dalla russia sono appena arrivate importanti novitÀ: Il test del DNA effettuato su Olesya Rostova ha escluso una relazione tra la ragazza e la donna russa che aveva reclamato la maternità. Scomparve a soli 4 anni a Mazara del Vallo, la piccola Denise Pipitone. No stop for second dose [TESTO], SAFE hosts the Formula 1 and Formula E World Champions, Professional studies at the forefront of corporate plans for Covid vaccines, “With artificial intelligence, hospitals are no longer collapsing”, Death Stranding: discovered an extra scene after 2 years, iPad Pro 2021, official announcement without event? Translated. Ma l'avvocato rischia di dover fare la quarantena obbligatoria per i. By. Dna test on Olesya, heavy indiscretion from Russia – Libero Quotidiano Dna test on Olesya, heavy indiscretion from Russia – Libero Quotidiano The case of Denise Pipitone is back in vogue after some reports from Russia, on which Who has seen he built an episode aired on Rai3 on Wednesday 31 March. The "Russian" girl was found in a field in 2005, he explains again, "and not knowing who her real mother is, she went to a Russian TV show to show her face and in turn appeal to the real family. News Denise Pipitone, the stages of mystery . Belgian court: “Stop the measures”, Denise Pipitone-Olesya Rostova, DNA excludes a Russian family: Piera Maggio’s hope grows, Dubai, nude models on the balcony post videos on social media (which goes viral): arrested, The truth about Denise Pipitone becomes a reality show. Prudence is a must, because in recent years there have been many illusions for women. Denise Pipitone ritrovata? 1. Breaking news. Adesso si aspetta l'esito del Dna. Africa Australia Belgium Canada China France Germany Hong Kong India Japan Macau Malaysia. The news that broke out a few hours on the web is incredible and rekindles the hope of finding Denise Pipitone alive, the girl who disappeared in 2004 and who has moved the whole country.. April 1, 2021 7:19 pm. YESLIFE ON THE ROAD. In Italy she is waiting for a blood test . "It would be too good, a huge gift," says Sciarelli. É vietata la riproduzione, anche parziale e con qualsiasi mezzo, di tutti i materiali del sito. Olesya Rostova è Denise Pipitone? Denise Pipitone, “avoid leaks”. ; Soltanto la prova del DNA potrà dare certezze: le parole della mamma di Denise, Piera Maggio. Maybe it’s a suggestion due to the similarity, but the young woman is the same age Denise would be today “, he said. Le ultime sulla ragazza che ha parlato dalla Russia. News Denise Pipitone, news: prelevato il Dna a Olesya Rostova in Russia. Denise Pipitone, la ragazza rapita il 1 settembre del 2004 a Mazzara del Vallo, forse si trova ora in Russia ed ha 21 anni. Controversy also on Michel (who did not protest) –, Iliad enters by arrogance in Unieuro with an operation worth 53 million euros, AstraZeneca vaccine, here is the circular from the Ministry of Health: recommended use for over 60s.