Following Wolfgang, Phoenix seemed to follow in the footsteps of many artists before them, and began to slowly step away from the sound and genre with which they had and began to slowly dive into the world of pop. It's looking likely Phoenix hit the top peak in 2009 with the release of Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, a ridiculously good record mixing mature song writing with youthful energy and a sack full of ideas. Sun 11 Jun 2017 03.00 EDT Last modified on Wed 21 Mar 2018 19.51 EDT. (Atlantic) Paul Mardles. Since 2010, my ringtone has been the introductory chord progression to Phoenix's 2009 hit song "1901." Phoenix “Ti Amo” In previewing the album, the New York Times recounted the story of guitarist Christian Mazzalai being trapped in the studio in … Like Bankrupt! 06.09.2017. Futuristic but not bleak, it is more Star Wars than Blade Runner . Ultimately, Ti Amo is a quality Phoenix record with catchy songs, an uplifting mood, and a breezy running time that will invite easy repeats sitting on a beach or imagining you were. REVIEW | Phoenix release “Ti Amo” after four years of work LISTEN | The French band attempts to give fans yet another perfect summer album, but do they succeed? Phoenix – Ti Amo An album of Italian beaches and romantic nights in the face of grim realities . Review: Phoenix, Ti Amo The sound of a digital diesel truck starts and Phoenix’ new single “J Boy” is driving a comfortable 70 mph from 4 seconds in. Expert Reviews for the Newest Albums in Rock, Alternative, Hip-Hop, EDM, and More . Rachel A.G. Gilman. It sits nicely within the band’s discography and will no doubt be remixed with ease and contribute to summer playlists. On the evidence of ‘Ti Amo’, however, allowing that language to blossom fully is a risk that Phoenix appear unwilling to take. Phoenix: Ti Amo review – from France to Italy, avec fromage 3 / 5 stars 3 out of 5 stars. Ti Amo – Phoenix. In a press release, Phoenix stated that ‘Ti Amo’ is about their ‘European and Latin roots, a fantasized version of Italy’. Phoenix “Ti Amo” (Glassnote) Phoenix’s music is a towering, grand and grandiose pop confection, like some elaborate tiered cake or dollhouse or 18th century princess’ wedding gown you’d… Brian Howe ... Ti Amo is a big, juicy starburst of romantic synth-pop … Ti Amo sees Phoenix turning in their most unabashedly disco record yet. Loud And Quiet needs your help The COVID-19 crisis has cut off our advertising revenue stream, which is how we’ve always funded how we promoted new independent artists. Now, 8 years after the release of Wolfgang, Phoenix’s sixth album, Ti Amo (June 9 via Loyaute/Glassnote Records), is brighter and more colorful than ever … Reviews \ Review: Phoenix Evoke Italian Summers and Late Night Romance on the Exceptional Ti Amo. , Ti Amo is a step or two down the ladder, which still leaves a record hard to switch off.