The NHL released Reverse Retro jerseys for every team and the BarDown crew decided to create a tier list to rate every single one. To my eye, these are legitimate NHL-licensed products. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! The Kachina look, the purple, and the overall design just work for me. Let’s begin with the worst of the bunch (No. What’s the correct onomatopoeia for a screeching eagle? By taking the colors from the 1960s and 1970s mixed with the logo from the 1990s, the Kings hit this one out of the park. It might not be a great different, but it’s different. Ranking all 31 NHL ‘Reverse Retro’ alternate jerseys Tom Dierberger @tomdierberger FOX Sports North Jan 11, 2021 at 4:15p ET A new third jersey was on the way but will likely be delayed to 2021-22. Thursday, February 4, 2021 Friday, February 5, 2021 8 min read Chris Creamer. 35 comments. You take the good with the bad. Embrace it. Let’s get weird with these. Like most early 1990s logos, they never should have changed it. report. The not-so-mighty Ducks just said send it with the cartoon duck. • Los Angeles Kings. On Monday, adidas and the NHL revealed the “reverse retro” looks for all 31 teams. It’s nice. The Adidas Reverse Retro alternate jerseys are a play on throwback jerseys with modern twists. . • Vancouver Canucks. Drop him a line at or follow him on Twitter @AGretz. I also do not love this. If the Ducks can bring back Wild Wing, the Blues could have used Cool Cat! Oh my gosh no. • Colorado Avalanche. If you live in Quebec your blood is probably boiling, but you should take pride in the fact that these look awesome. Both jerseys fit the description of the “reverse retro” alternate sweaters rumored to be coming to the NHL next season. Reverse Retro Jersey Rankings For NHL. • Pittsburgh Penguins. Any jersey will look good next to the Stanley Cup. Always a big fan of the Devils Christmas color scheme. Let’s reward the effort. share. The "Buffalo" script on the bottom of the jersey is weird enough that we love it. If Jerry Seinfeld can name his film "Bee Movie," we're calling this the "Bee Jersey." Are they ridiculous? Red Wings to debut Reverse Retro alternate jerseys tonight Updated Mar 02, 2021; Posted Mar 02, 2021 The Red Wings will wear their adidas Reverse Retro alternate jerseys in select games this season. • Boston Bruins. Congrats. 2021 NHL Reverse Retro Uniform Schedules. Absolutely, positively, and without a doubt. Posted by 7 days ago. This isn't very creative, but boy, it's clean. The Avalanche will wear their Nordiques Reverse … It's hard to beat the blue and orange color scheme. I get a 1980s feelings from this. • Tampa Bay Lightning. They take a back seat here. What does that mean to you? There is nothing here that would make me want to run out and buy this over a regular Predators jersey. Back. These are perfect. Monday afternoon saw the unveiling of a new set of jerseys rolled out by Adidas and the NHL, comprising the Reverse Retro series that is set to … Is that too far? I get that the Canadiens jersey is a classic and you do not want to mess with it, but it just does not work in blue for me. The NHL 2021 season is upon us, which means it's also time for the annual Uni Watch NHL Season Preview. • New York Islanders. Anyone who thinks differently is a bunch of jerks. This work of art. • Nashville Predators. It's the retuuuurn of Nordiques . • St. Louis Blues. 43 comments. Can we invest in this horse? If they were going for mid-1990s look here they should have used Robo-Penguin. Photo: Capitals 2021 Adidas Reverse Retro. Since when are they the St. Louis Reds? Ka-Kaaaaaaw? Twitter had thoughts on the Los Angeles Kings’ Reverse Retro jerseys on Saturday night. The result? This Kings jersey is not only one of the best uses of the term “Reverse Retro” but also it’s just a fire look. Hockey. It feels like we’re in a McDonald’s PlayPlace. • Philadelphia Flyers. Honestly this just reminds me of something they would wear at their next outdoor game. Not a huge fan of the sleeves, otherwise it reminds me of exactly what almost every Flyers jersey has ever looked like. Sleeve Length: Long Sleeve Themes: NHL Reverse Retro Hockey Jerseys 2021 Primary Material: Polyester Size: * Men's: S,M,L,XL,2XL,3XL * Women's: S,M,L,XL,2XL * Youth: S,M,L,XL Pattern: … keep the latest trends for Philadelphia Flyers with this Flyers Sean Couturier 2021 Reverse Retro Fourth Authentic Orange Jersey is perfect to show your devoted fandom in the crowd. Where does your team’s newest jersey rank? Reverse Retro Jerseys. Help | Press | Advertise With Us | Jobs | FOX Cincy | RSS | Site Map Just tear those off and go with a tank top. It means we can keep prices low, keep a wide variety of sports gear and merchandise in stock, and give you the personalized service you need when you need it. NHL teams will have a new set of jerseys to choose from whenever next season gets under way. It just looks too much like the other Preds jerseys. The willingness to embrace the absurdity of this jersey is a level of confidence we should all strive for. Calgary Flames (1998): The jersey featuring the horse head was the Flames' initial third jersey and … In this week’s edition of the NHL Power Rankings we take a look at the league’s newest collection of jerseys and rank all of the 31 Reverse Retros … • Minnesota Wild. I hated the screaming eagle uniform when it was first around, but just swapping the colors seems to make a massive difference. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. save. It is bold, it is different, and it is excellent. • Ottawa Senators. I like the 2-D Senator look, but I am not crazy about this particular jersey design. Some are fantastic and some are...not so much. Mora’s Top 5 2020-2021 NHL Reverse Retro Jerseys. Another jersey that I used to hate, but I am coming around on the idea of a fire breathing horse-dragon. These new alternate jerseys are a play on throwback uniforms -- with a modern twist. It’s a shame that the NHL placed limits on how many times certain jerseys can be worn on the ice during the season, because the Reverse Retro sweaters the Avs are sporting are — for lack of a more suitable word: magnifique. • Chicago Blackhawks. They nailed it. Admit it. report. That's just a fact. “Hockey fans love retro jerseys and Reverse Retro is a great opportunity for Adidas to work closely with the NHL and all 31 teams to bring back … Yeah, this might look like a Lakers jersey, but isn't that what Los Angeles is all about? Nobody in Vancouver liked that era. Seen in the photos are Fanatics-branded Breakaway jerseys. I can forgive them for giving into Mike Keenan and not using the Cool Cat jersey in the 1990s. It's hard to put together a throwback jersey for a 3-year-old franchise. 798. But I can not — and will not! report. But my oh my, what a beaut. We have a professional business with 10 years experience and a tight-knit group of talented employees. Next thing you know, Anaheim will be rollerblading down the Minneapolis skyways. r/nhl. A shark biting a hockey stick will always look cool on a sweater, no matter the lack of creativity surrounding it. nhl outdoor game jerseys. hide. I am a sucker for early 1990s era NHL, and this color scheme brings back major memories. • Arizona Coyotes. NHL: #2 Overall Draft Picks Since 2000. FS1 | FOX | FOX News | Fox Corporation | FOX Supports | FOX Deportes. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Flipboard (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), NHL Power Rankings: Hurricanes, Islanders climb rankings with winning streaks, NHL Power Rankings: Fleury, Stone drive Golden Knights to top, NHL Power Rankings: Kaprizov, Zuccarello helping Wild make big climb, it is still only the second best jersey the Stars have unveiled this offseason, not using the Cool Cat jersey in the 1990s. • Toronto Maple Leafs. Posted by 7 ... save. I do not know about you, but I am picturing Pavel Bure blowing past defenders and scoring 50 goals. Here is evidence. • Vegas Golden Knights. Is it screeeeeeech? 31) and work our way up: These threads make Dallas look like a high school hockey team that organized a “T-Shirt White Out” promotion in the bleachers, only to lose to its rival 10-1 on home ice. Prior to the 2021 season, the NHL announced each team would be debuting a new alternate uniform. The NHL released all 31 of its Reverse Retro jerseys for the 2021 season. A graphic design student learned about the Gradient tool. Like the front of the jersey but hate the sleeves. I appreciate the greatness of the Hartford Whalers uniform as much as anyone, but the gray here knocks it down a few spots for me. That's a compliment. This season, the NHL and adidas partnered up to create Reverse Retro … But give it a little spice! A classic look, but I would have liked it better without the white stripe down at the bottom of the sleeve and if the goofy bear would have been featured on the front. Yes, the Florida Panthers are still an NHL team. The same error national radio stations made with Taylor Swift's 2012 album -- there's too much Red. Everyone has an opinion of these and which styles they like, but this is the definitive review of where all 31 jerseys … No. The National Hockey League and Adidas released their line of "Reverse Retro" jerseys for all 31 teams on Monday. The Adidas reverse retro jerseys will be available Dec. 1 for $180-$225 in the U.S. and $200-$250 in Canada on Adidas and NHL online retail sites, and … NHL jerseys 2019-20 (Includes Seattle Kraken) NHL Winter Classic Jersey . REVERSE-RETRO: Minnesota unveiled a version of the Minnesota North Stars sweater with their current logo as the crest. • Florida Panthers. The 2021 NHL Winter Classic that they will host will be postponed to 2022. • New Jersey Devils. Throwback logos rule. ... Now on a white jersey rather than the original jade. Is this Santa Claus Night at a minor-league hockey game? Return of Nordiques. The "Reverse Retro" line of jerseys … This design looked better in the early 1990s in its original black. NHL Twitter reacts to Kings' Reverse Retro jerseys Scott Rogust 2/28/2021 US surpasses 100M vaccinations; about 1 in 4 adults have received at least one shot: COVID-19 updates 5 Winnipeg Jets. The Lady Liberty jerseys were a huge change when they were first introduced, and I was originally not a fan. 756. PRODUCT DETAILS 30-50% OFF + US Fast Shipping For A Limited Time Week Only! Buffalo Sabres Modern Retro Jersey Concept. In this week’s edition of the NHL Power Rankings we take a look at the league’s newest collection of jerseys and rank all of the 31 Reverse Retros that were unveiled on Monday. Yes, we've got nostalgia on Line 1. Including: New "Reverse Retro" designs for all 31 teams There are some classic looks here, some bold designs, some missed opportunities, and even a few dives into absurdity. The official subreddit of the National Hockey League! Did Nashville procrastinate this project? Please don't tell any Chicago fans, but we kinda like these. Again, it’s a clean look. hide. This reminds me of their original expansion design when they entered the league, and I always liked that look. A post shared by Winnipeg Jets (@nhljets) Inspired by the Jets’ inaugural season in 1979, this new jersey mixes the old logos with the team’s current colorway. Continue browsing in r/nhl. Hello? This Detroit Red Wings luke glendening 2021 Special Edition Reverse Retro White Jersey has team logo on the shoulders, and the player's name on the back will be in a scripted font similar to team's historical uniforms. This whole new hockey season, all NHL teams will bring back their original uniforms' style and combine them with each team's primary logo. Is. Note: Please NOTE a NAME & NUMBER jersey which you want to customize at checkout page. The Capitals RR jerseys have sold out quickly wherever and whenever stock has been discovered online. Really hard. Hey, it’s different. I like them this time around. View this post on Instagram. Another reminder that there's an "H" at the end of Pittsburgh. It … NHL Jersey List. If ever there was a time to bring back the Gorton’s Fishstick guy on a semi-regular basis, this was it. Reimagined in the patriotic colors of the flag, the iconic Reverse Retro jersey features the screaming eagle design and will remind fans of the 1997-98 Capitals team that was comprised of players including Peter Bondra, Olie Kolzig, and Calle … So I think 14th works just fine. Caaaaaaaw? Use of this website (including any and all parts and components) constitutes your acceptance of these TERMS OF USE and PRIVACY POLICY. Swords behind an ATM would also have represented Vegas well. The Hartford Whalers have a better team name and color scheme than the 'Canes. Adam Gretz is a writer for Pro Hockey Talk on NBC Sports. More from the Capitals: Washington Capitals To Wear ‘Reverse Retro’ Alternate Jersey Presented by Capital One for Four Home Dates During 2020-21 Season Kraaaaaw? A coyote, a cactus and a dry desert walk into a bar. I looked the other way for them not embracing the All-Star Game as an opportunity to finally use it. With the start of the 2020-21 NHL season just days away, the jersey committee at FOX Sports North -- the same group which determined the Twins powder blue threads were the best in Minnesota sports history -- ranked all 31 NHL “Reverse Retro” sweaters, which will debut on the ice this season. I think this would have been really good if not for that “Buffalo” slapped on the bottom.