The Neptunes come back hard from their substandard earlier offering, riding a string section slick enough to rival Love Unlimited, a pulsing kick/snare combo, and gunshots for percussive effect and good measure. Custom music video for the title 'Pitch-Black' of Project Pitchfork, from the album Dark. Treating them like a literature review, instead of a song seems like overkill. (However, we regret that we could not take the concept to its logical extreme and cease operations after publishing it.). Credits: CGI Animated Short Film The Heretic by Unity Project Pitchfork - Pitch Black - BLACK - LIVE 2013 - Dresden Strasse E 26.01.2013 Music reviews, ratings, news and more. But Cuomo is a marvelous anomaly: he emerged from his depression, sought help via psychotherapy and meditation, and reunited with his band to create, over several decades, an immense body of work. Catch up every Saturday with 10 of our best-reviewed albums of the week. “This album can be said to be the answer to my dream,” Parannoul writes, a bold statement of an intent that’s strangely free of ego. 11 Justify My Thug [p. DJ Quik; w. Chris Dahlen] But the concept of "Encore" makes such nitpicking irrelevant-- a track like this leaves you waiting for the comeback. It's also a way of saying that the genre's old hat to him these days, even while it was his style that so ridiculously raised the bar. To the director, take a note from Rick Rubin's Jay-Z soundbomb: Keep it old school. In that time, he's seen as many failures as successes-- critics panned him for selling out after the critical reverence of Reasonable Doubt, La Roc Familia was a disaster from any angle, and, by Jay's standards, last year's The Blueprint 2 couldn't even claim to be a commercial success. Carrying the Decepticon analogy: The 808 kick quakes like Rumble's pistons. Sadly, not much else happens. Écoutez de la musique en streaming sans publicité ou achetez des CDs et MP3 maintenant sur A posse chants for the hook while an emcee encourages crowd participation and the band idles between verses two and three. This can happen in reviews where too much thought and analysis has gone into the lyrics. The Black Album is the eighth studio album by American rapper Jay-Z.It was released on November 14, 2003, through Roc-A-Fella Records and The Island Def Jam Music Group.It was advertised as his final album before retiring, which is also a recurring theme throughout the songs, although Jay-Z resumed his recording career in 2006. See which albums are the favorite of Pitchfork. He painted the walls and ceilings black, and on the windows, he layered black bed-sheets over thick fiberglass insulation. This is more like it. Let's Rock (stylized with single quotation marks) is the ninth studio album by American rock duo the Black Keys.It was released on June 28, 2019, through Easy Eye Sound/Nonesuch Records. Still, he's come out on top time and again: Today, he's reclaimed the title as hip-hop's reigning emcee, and his Rocafella record label, clothing line, and film company together are said to be valued at more than $4.4 billion. We asked Mullah Omar to write this part but he wanted all kinds of special treatment. "Allure" is Jay in eternal struggle with his vices, confident as ever he can give up the game, but even the title forebodes. The experimental UK band has announced its second album, Cavalcade (out May 28 via Rough Trade), and also released the … It’s a forceful rebuke of Leslie Jones and her ilk. View reviews, ratings, news & more regarding your favorite band. Merciless horn blasts, tender guitar licks, and turbulent string crescendos distract you when he identifies Martha Stewart as "Jewish," but the one element that makes "What More Can I Say" a true marvel is that, despite it serving as Jay-Z's alleged last hurrah, it manages to sound more like a celebratory changing of the guard than a self-penned elegy by one of hip-hop's greatest emcees. Because I'm old, I hear the Joeski Love ("Pee Wee's Dance") in Jay-Z's obtuse voice. Pitchfork reports rapper Jim Jones tweeting: ... All this talk of these collaborations certainly bodes well for an interesting new Black Keys album which will go into production in a few months. Here, Jigga puts Larry King on his ass and namedrops Christina Aguilera, Bill O'Reilly, George Bush, Halle Berry, Warren Buffet, Joe Pesci, Sammy Davis Jr., Jet Li, David Blaine, and Frank Sinatra, and, in the second verse, even tries (only half-successfully) to twist them into verbs a la GZA's "Fame". Close inspection reveals dubious claims such as, "Got beef with radio/ If I don't play their show/ They don't play my hits/ Well, I don't give a shit." Kanye West whips up a soul revue backing band complete with melancholy trumpet line and miasma-happy backup singers ("Hooo-woahhh-WOAHHH-ohvveee") for an imaginary mini-gig, while Jay contributes a very live-sounding performance. Co-produced by the group, Mark Neill, and Danger Mouse, it was released on May 18, 2010 on Nonesuch Records. Even in falling short of Jay's classics, Reasonable Doubt and 2001's The Blueprint, it manages to eclipse 1999's brilliant Vol. He knows, and when the Neptunes downshift and the chorus kicks in, reality strikes: "But every time I felt that was that, it called me right back/ OHHH NOOOO!" It is their 16th studio album and was released in multiple formats, including a double-disc deluxe version, featuring two b-sides and three remixes. But no, and here's why not: The Neptunes, talented though they may be, have spread themselves a bit thin lately, coasting on Neptunes-by-numbers beats and Pharrell's by-now-goddamn-insidious falsetto. “Byzantine” goes down like a bubbly flute of champagne, a sweet, slinky narrative of infidelity spilling out over a laissez-faire lounge beat. In an era where recommendation engines swaddle listeners in cozy familiarity, it’s refreshing to see so much stylistic variation from track to track. Throughout Weezer (The Black Album), Cuomo pleads with listeners to follow him past Pinkerton, and out of that dark apartment. Throughout the sentimental closer, Jay keeps his chin up and makes the song cry with emotive, bolero-tinged production from the previously unknown team of Aqua and Joe "3H" Weinberger. 04 Encore [p. Kanye West; w. Rob Mitchum] See which albums are sitting at the top of this year's charts. Dictating to a labored ringing piano roll and a thunderously high-toned extended organ riff, Jay-Z once again decimates his peers in their own game, handling the school of violent hubris in a manner that embodies not just mere lyrical supremacy but actual metaphorical depth. But it's 2003, and the entire underground/mainstream divide has been so flipped and conflated that it should come as no surprise. In 1998, two years after Pinkerton debuted to poor reviews, Rivers Cuomo retreated to a one-room bedsit beneath a Los Angeles freeway. Devastated by the negative response to Pinkerton, and frustrated by an unproductive spate of rehearsals, he withdrew from his band, and then from the world. Do Jay's problems run deeper than Rocawear inseam durability or Bentley electrical recalls? and he just keeps beating you with it over and over. They’ve enlisted TV on the Radio’s Dave Sitek to draft a set of soundscapes that range from bossa nova to Blink-182. In this game of stick-and-move with triumphantly spiraling Chi-Lites strings, Hova's mother Gloria narrates a dizzying tale of growth through adversity, unusual childhood circumstances, and the catalysts for our protagonist's career. The experimental UK band has announced its second album, Cavalcade (out May 28 via Rough Trade), and also released the music video for the lead single, “John L.” The video was directed by choreographer and creative director Nina McNeely, whose previous projects include Rihanna’s … Nor should 9th's tendency to sound both hopelessly derivative and endlessly enjoyable; the track's rolling piano line and classic boom-bap breakbeat recall a smoother Primo, or a Pete Rock on autopilot. The victorious overtone gives Carter the opportunity to apply his unwavering flow and powerful control of conceptual direction to his own personal experiences: When he details that he "had demons deep inside that would raise when confronted" and that "this is the life I chose, or rather, the life that chose me," the emotional context of the lines quickly turns to dumbstruck awe. The chorus is about shedding a stigma, about the actualization of a capitalist dream, about legitimacy, about arrival-- for a guy ending his career, Jay's tone is suspiciously akin to pre-game smack. 02 December 4th [p. Just Blaze; w. Rollie Pemberton] Pitchfork - black midi are back. 07 The Threat [p. 9th Wonder; w. Sam Chennault] Because I'm young, I acknowledge that he's larger than, er, life. “I lived my life,” he sings, “and that’s much better than hiding in a hole.”. So, too, does Rubin eject seismic, metallic blasts from his deck's chest like tornado-thrown telephone poles taking out a, um, transformer. Cuomo’s songwriting on substance abuse, once so direct and delicate, sinks to maudlin depths here; the invocation of Judas in this song’s bridge can’t match the bruising betrayal conveyed in, “You cleaned up/Found Jesus.”. The song "Rain" was released as a music video to promote the record. For Shawn Carter, the last seven years have been ridiculous. Similar stories abound of songwriters so adept at articulating sadness they became suffused in the feeling. The Black Keys seemed doomed to linger in the long, black-and-red shadow of the White Stripes. Recapping the story of how Jay clambered from shooting birds at God while holding his testicles to being synonymous with overexposure, the song lives and dies by Timbaland's battering-ram beat and laser-tag riff. It was released on the now defunct label 'Inner Journey Records'. If they could afford to cut the Dre-produced "The Theater", surely this-- one of two Neptunes productions on a 14-track album-- could have been scrapped, too. “Living in L.A.” smothers its interesting ideas under broad brush strokes. Für alle Pitchfork Fans der ersten Stunde eine klare Kaufempfehlung!! Revolt TV examined the making of the record: “The Black Album” Q&A. Nobody cold as this!” and then he sings about cocaine for three and a half minutes. Weezer’s Black Album is meant to be fun, so looking for some deeper philosophical meaning using their entire catalog as a guide defeats the whole purpose of fun. Smiles slough off the toddlers’ faces, giving way to wobbly pouting. Jay is particularly on point, killing line after line like a Blueprint standout. The Black Album, touted as his final release, offers some answers, though none as clear-cut as what may or may not be the truth: that it's all an elaborate publicity stunt. If it does indeed end up a single, like "Beware of the Boys" it'll still be jagged enough to stand out in the trend-pile. See which albums are sitting at the top of this year's charts. Pitchfork is the most trusted voice in music. A list of Pitchfork's best music of the 2000s. At first blush, the band’s new video for “High as a Kite” appears to be more of the same, with Cuomo wearing a red sweater and greeting a crowd of pre-schoolers for a taping of “Mister Rivers’ Neighborhood.” But as the band’s performance gathers steam, the dark subtext beneath the song’s optimism reveals itself. Buy: Rough Trade (Pitchfork earns a commission from purchases made through affiliate links on our site.) Pitchfork is the most trusted voice in music. 08 Moment of Clarity [p. Eminem; w. Ryan Schreiber, c/o Mullah Omar] Was danach kam war für michehrlich gesagt zu "Esoterisch" angehaucht und Musikalisch nicht wirklich eingängig. His lips rip like Lazerbeak, but the meaning is inconsequential. And unlike any other track on this record, it can be said that Jay's vocals matter little. After years of intimate, acoustic productions for Johnny Cash and Tom Petty and his sawing work with Slayer and System of a Down, "99 Problems" re-establishes Rubin as THE mutherfucker with a swami's beard who invented this minimalist trunk rumble. "Dirt" is gregarious but exclusive: It's meant to shake balcony barstools, but it coyly congratulates only those who have been beaten down. The only small wrinkle in this narrative is that body of work is famously reviled among fans and critics alike. “I’d start to have some of the darkest thoughts and fears and feelings,” he said. It's anyone's guess, and that mystery is part of what makes this album such an intriguing listen. I cannot express my disappointment. Pitchfork's highest rated albums of all time. A bold statement among bold statements, this track is mastery of a style, regardless of brevity, repetition, or random use of quotations. It's a little hard to take Jay's claims of retirement at face value when The Black Album's first three songs all claim to be his last and this one makes reference to "when I come back like Jordan wearing the 45." Actually, “blunt” might be an understatement: Cuomo chants, “Die, die, you zombie bastards” a dozen times. ), your loping/plodding canned beat, some ominous strings, and you're done. Black Pumas sounds like a band name coined at the twilight of the soul era, when R&B turned grittier, trippier, and funkier. 12 Lucifer [p. Kanye West; w. Rob Mitchum] 10 Public Service Announcement [p. Just Blaze; w. Rollie Pemberton] In light of the hype this record's received for its choice of beatmakers, we egomaniacally matched the personalities of our staff writers to Jay's producers. It just proves Mullah makes the perfect Eminem: he's got his gimmick ("I WILL NOT BE EDITED!!!") Some studio suit surely wants a giant robot iPod smashing trucks, but the original concept still slays. For months on end, he hid in his unlit bedroom, depressed, never going outside, never speaking to another human being. Given a title like "The Threat" and Jigga's infamous street credentials, you'd expect a fairly macabre affair, but remember: This is a post-therapy Jigga (who dates Beyoncé and listens to Coldplay), not the crack slinger Reasonable Doubt introduced us to in '96. Considering how much interest and media was generated by these two comments, The Black Keys look set to surge on a new wave of interest in their music when that album is released. What's stunning is that it delivers rap's greatest career-ender since Outkast's Stankonia. Music reviews, ratings, news and more. Pitchfork – 8/10 Rolling Stone – 4/5 Metacritic – 84/100 overall critics score, 87/100 overall user score. But this striving for the new and different comes at a cost. In 1996, he came up from an ... 01 Intro [w. Ryan Schreiber] Project Pitchfork [ˈ p ɹ ɒ d͡ʒ ɛ k t ˈ p ɪ t͡ʃ ˌ f ɔ ɹ k] [1] est un groupe allemand de Dark wave, Rock électronique, Électro-industriel, originaire de Hambourg.Project Pitchfork est formé par Dirk Scheuber et Peter Spilles en 1989.Le groupe signe avec le label allemand Hypnobeat en 1991 pour sortir leur premier album… In 1996, he came up from an impoverished childhood in New York's Marcy projects to record a debut that would eventually come to be considered one of hip-hop's landmark albums, and spent the succeeding six years dominating Billboard charts, filling the East Coast void left by Biggie's death, and building a hip-hop empire to rival Puffy's Bad Boy Entertainment. "I will kill you, commit suicide, and kill you again"), but it's far from Jay's finest hour. This is the sound of a career high. There’s no emotional throughline on The Black Album, no grand statement that continues from one track to the next. Weezer reflects on their own capricious history, using a blunt force the likes of which they’ve never deployed before. Their parents knit their eyebrows, weary, visibly distressed by the rock’n’roll carnage unfolding. These stories don’t often end happily. Curated by and largely featuring Kendrick Lamar, the soundtrack is a diverse, daring, and holistic pairing with the blackest movie in the Marvel Comic Universe. \n\ For Shawn Carter, the last seven years have been ridiculous. He instead handles his "second major breakup" by coupling his typically self-celebratory language with avuncular advice-- from himself and Biggie, who drops in from the afterlife-- and a rare display of humility. Jay fares no better, like he almost knows it's subpar-- just spits out a couple recycled lines, and forgoes his visual style to make room for crap like, "Young Hov in the house it's so necessary/ No bra with the blouse it's so necessary/ No panties and jeans that's so necessary." Review aggregator Metacritic gave the album a normalised rating of 83 out of 100, based on reviews from 36 critics, indicating "universal acclaim". Label: Trisol - TRI 469 CD • Format: CD Album CD All Media Limited Edition • Country: Germany • Genre: Electronic • Style: EBM, Darkwave Project Pitchfork - Black (2013, CD) | Discogs Explore 14 My 1st Song [p. Aqua and Joe "3H" Weinberger; w. Scott Plagenhoef] 01 Intro Produced by Dave Sitek, it was released on March 1, 2019, through Crush Music and Atlantic Records. On this latest album, Weezer reflects on their own capricious history, using a blunt force the likes of which they’ve never deployed before. Regardless of the reasonably simple Blueprint-tempered backing and familiar topical terrain, "December 4th" stands not just as one of Jay's finest performances to date, but Blaze's, too. Recording and release. "What More Can I Say" is the sprawling pinnacle of every element that makes The Black Album an unrelentingly inspired future classic. “I’d think, ‘Man, maybe I’m never going to get out of this.’”. on the front cover) is the sixth studio album by American rock duo The Black Keys. It was their first release since Turn Blue (2014), marking the longest gap between studio albums in their career. The big story behind this track is that Madonna was supposed to give it live vocals but couldn't make the deadline. Don't be fooled by the title; the song is not a cave-in to Charlotte Beers (the dandruff-shampoo ad-exec who was until recently Bush's Undersecretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs), but that doesn't stop it from being a commercial for itself and its brand. In recent months, Weezer’s been focused on light-hearted, crowd-pleasing viral videos: Finn Wolfhard donning a wild glam-rock mullet to play a teenage Cuomo, Weird Al suiting up in bowl cut, cardigan, and Buddy Holly glasses. That's perhaps unfair: Akron's Dan Auerbach and … Each Sunday, Pitchfork takes an in-depth look at a significant album from the past, and any record not in our archives is eligible. The first single! suiting up in bowl cut, cardigan, and Buddy Holly glasses. The lyrics moan on about gangsta code and social ills, but over that beat, he just sounds like he wants to get some ass on his face. Always the entrepreneur, Hova abdicates his throne and slips into his full-time CEO role with a series of almost memoir-like shoutouts that double as teasers for his upcoming bio, The Black Book-- in stores soon! Throughout Weezer (The Black Album), Cuomo pleads with listeners to follow him past Pinkerton, and out of that dark apartment. It also had a gold and a clear pressing (both rare), plus some misprinted versions, all only numbering in the 100s. Pitchfork's recently reviewed albums. On the soundstage, Weezer stands triumphant in the wreckage, soaked in light. Brothers (printed as This is an album by The Black Keys.The name of this album is Brothers. I can't decide what's stranger: that Little Brother producer 9th Wonder contributed a track on Jay-Z's final album, or that he's flipping a sample of R. Kelly. His self-aware braggadocio goes back to those days of comedic Jamaican toasts, which potentially amuse if you're ever tempted to turn down the volume. Pitchfork kenne ich seit ca. So why would he want out now, at the peak of his popularity? Black | Project Pitchfork to stream in hi-fi, or to download in True CD Quality on Découvrez Black de Project Pitchfork sur Amazon Music. Music reviews, ratings, news and more. Metacritic included Black Up in its "Midyear Report: The Best Music of 2011 So Far." ! 13 Allure [p. Neptunes; w. Ryan Schreiber] Black Up received widespread critical acclaim; many commented on the experimental song structures and intricate lyricism. 05 Change Clothes [p. Neptunes; w. Ryan Schreiber] The only difference between this and his Blueprint track, "Renagade", is that his sound was slightly less tired two years ago. The final shot all but defines the current moment of Weezer: The audience has cleared out entirely, leaving a vast expanse of empty black seats and bare black walls. Pitchfork is the debut EP by the band Clutch, which was released on vinyl 7" & 12" in October 1991, only in the USA. There are a couple of decent lines (e.g. The Black Album, touted as his final release, offers some answers, though none as clear-cut as what may or may not be the truth: that it's all an elaborate publicity stunt. Buchannans, one of two unknown producers featured here, supplies a triumphant instrumental that serves as a perfect counterpoint to Jay's trademark hubris and incendiary braggadocio. I mean, the track is introduced by a sample of dialogue from Gladiator: It doesn't get more epic than that, people! But saying he wants to "rhyme like Common Sense"? Instead, they went with Sharlotte Gibson, a longtime backup vocalist for Whitney Houston, who pulls off an adequate impression. Pitchfork's Best Black Metal Albums of All Time. Feasibility of visual effects aside, the true question of the production is how to modernize Soundwave, the behemoth audio cassette "ghetto blaster" Transformer, for the MP3 generation. 03 What More Can I Say [p. The Buchannans; w. Hartley Goldstein] Take this clip, for example. Weezer’s foremost lyrical priority, then, is to shuck the expectations of their perennially disappointed fanbase. Hova is one of few artists who can ask his listenership to follow his fashion sense while simultaneously schooling the talent pool on rhyming style in a single line: "I got a hustler's spirit, nigga, period/ Check out my hat, yo, peep the way I wear it." Fans who clamor for a second Pinkerton are propping up an emotionally stunted corpse; Mitski is shoveling loam onto his grave. "Change Clothes" is, unfortunately, one of their worst productions since Busta's "Pass the Courvoisier"-- the vapid, forgettable chorus and cheesy piano loop are the obvious product of an off day in the studio. Or maybe it's not: Jay has cut an album every year for the past seven years; that he'd want a break of some sort now is understandable.