Country takes center stage on a tune called 'Fill Her Up' that ends with a gospel sound. The thinly disguised theme and Branford Marsalis' clarinet add a good dose of sensuality to the song.Sting has written a few country-tinged songs in recent years, and 'Fill Her Up' is an amazing example of his musical range. For example, 'Brand New Day', the last song, begins with a jaundiced view and then moves toward acceptance, to diving back into love. After the lacklustre (but still multi-platinum) 'Mercury Falling' in 1996, 'Brand New Day' feels like 10 more 'Summoner's Tales', employing a similar range of styles from bossa nova to country to gospel with multi-ethnic touches. I normally write lyrics and music in the same period. He had further big hits, including "Boombastic" i… There is meaning in a relationship even if it doesn't last. The reaction is understandable for 'Brand New Day' is not really a rock record at all. "Newcastle Journal, 9/99"I never make a record unless I have something to say. Review from Uncut Magazine by Nigel WilliamsonSting's seventh solo album has a millennial theme as he adopts an upbeat tone of new age optimism in defiance of the doomsayers. "Desert Rose" and "A Thousand Years" videos. If you are optimistic you tend to be rewarded in life. After the commercial disappointment of 1996's 'Mercury Falling' the artist may be working on winning back his fan base. It's all a campaign. Only at the last minute would I allow it be called a record, I wouldn't have anyone saying, 'This is the new record'. When I said 'what are you singing about' he replied, 'longing.' I've spent since last June getting this far - longer than I've ever spent on an album. Good love, bad love and love in vain. Shop 48 records for sale for album The very best of by Sting & The Police on CDandLP in Vinyl and CD format It's always been my strategy to be optimistic, sometimes in the face of painful reality. They're all connected in that sense, and I think it's quite a romantic record.Billboard, 9/99"I play all the bass on my Fender P-bass, and then I play a Roland guitar synthesiser, and a classicla guitar. That gave me a shot in the arm about being creative on guitar. That's from the soaring 'Brand New Day', the closest he comes to conventional pop on the disc, with Stevie Wonder on harmonica and Branford Marsalis on clarinet. The sculptural metaphor is an apt one for Sting: from whatever materials he employs, he crafts something startling, fresh and universal.Since setting out from Newcastle, site of English shipbuilders and ancient Roman walls, this former teacher, soccer coach and ditch digger has made music a perpetual adventure. On Perfect, he pushes the dark jazz bop into hip-hop with a twist (the rap is delivered in French by international artist St. After this comes along 'After The Rain Has Fallen' which is a pretty good track with a great beat and reminds you of the Sting of 'Soul Cages' & 'If I Ever Lose My Faith In You'. He ends the decade with a polychromatic, keenly optimistic 'Brand New Day' - a record that explores not only a huge variety of worldly influences, but also the various stages of his pop evolution. I had to trust that the music would tell me stories, begin to create characters. The hypnotic 'A Thousand Years' is based on a repetitive and simple Bach signature, 'Big Lie Small World' is an off-kilter bossa nova and 'Fill Her Up' is a slice of pure country swing.Guests include James Taylor and Stevie Wonder and critics will no doubt dismiss it as on over-polished coffee-table album for talking over at Notting Hill dinner parties. Of recent, Jake was in eastern Nigeria to work on the documentary ‘Fantastic Man (2014)’. Liner NotesWith customary thoughtfulness and his usual verve, Sting is talking about 'Brand New Day', his sumptuous new album, a collection of songs exploring the theme of love. It kicks of with 'A Thousand Years' which is a beautifully written love song and goes on to 'Desert Rose', a track where English lyrics are fused with Arabic, and the Algerian rai style of singing with pop, brilliantly. Now, Dexys is back. The upbeat, acoustic-guitar-driven tune was co-written by the former Police frontman and his longtime guitarist Dominic Miller, and was created with the help of French producer Jen Jis. We need to look positively toward the future and not be sucked in by the lunacy that this is the end of the world, or that everything's going to fall apart - trouble, strife, plague, all that stuff. Far from going "Hollywood," Sting remains a voice of sanity and sophistication. It's a variety of love songs, from sad to hopeful to optimistic - even some twisted, which shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone following my career. Besides, the naysayers scare me. 'Brand New Day' is an album which alternates between taking you back in time and presenting a whole new sound. The dog's owner talks to him in French; she is voiced by the female French rapper Sté Strausz. Sting offers some exotic emotion - the powerful 'A Thousand Years' - and 'Desert Rose' is a … I don't uncertainty and just plain paranoia - which is why I try to avoid them. He embraces bossa nova on 'Big Lie Small World' and Algerian rai on 'Desert Rose', a sumptuous duet with African star Cheb Mami. Review from The LA Daily News by author unknownNew album, same sonic stew of love songs with quirky time signatures. I do sometimes write on the bass, though. I asked Cheb Mami (Algerian singing sensation) to compose Arabic lyrics. "'Brand New Day' Official Press Release, 9/99"For this album, I wanted to pretend that I wasn't making a record, but merely to make music and have fun with various musicians, that was the idea. Post Malone came up with "White Iverson" after getting braids in his hair and thinking they looked like basketball legend Allen Iverson's signature cornrows. I'm an incurable romantic and I'm very happy about that. PersonnelSting: Vocals, Bass, Vg-8 Guita Synth, Bv'sKipper: Keyboards, Drum ProgrammingDominic Miller: GuitarsManu Katché: DrumsVinnie Colaiuta: DrumsJason Rebello: Piano, ClavinetStevie Wonder: Harmonica (Courtesy Motown Record Company)James Taylor: Vocal (Courtesy Columbia Records)Cheb Mami: Vocal (Courtesy Virgin/France)Branford Marsalis: Clarinet (Courtesy Columbia Records)Mino Cinelu: PercussionDave Hartley: String Arranger/Conductor (Tomorrow We'll See, Big Lie Small World), Hammand Organ B.J. In her raps, she explains to the dog that while she sympathizes with him, he's going to have to deal with this new guy. It's a formula, sure, one he perfected by the time he left The Police, but it remains his forte.Witness the strongest moments of his first four solo albums, all of which retain a winning sense of mainstream craft amid the smoky atmosphere and off-beat time signatures. Like its title suggests, Brand New Day is a bright record, full of light and space. I converted a granaio, a big barn, into a playing space with a little desk in it. That's always the way I've handled my life, and it's certainly done well for me up to this point, so I don't see why the millennium should change that now. Sting's preoccupation this year is romantic love.His stories' large embrace includesArabesque exotica (The 'Desert Rose'), Sinatra-in-Paris urban tragedy ('Tomorrow We'll See', doomed hero a drag queen prostitute) and cod-smoochy anthropomorphic farce ('Perfect Love Gone Wrong', doomed hero a jealous dog). Sting has said that he is a musician because he is curious about how audiences will receive his music, not by the money earned from his records. Commencing with the simmering 'A Thousand Years', its urgent Bach-derived two-beat motif capturing the essence of a love so insistent as to transcend time, 'Brand New Day' soars from the fantasy romance of 'After the Rain', with its whirling dervish strings, to the off kilter bossa nova 'Big Lie, Small World', a vignette about regret, to the profound human comedy of 'Fill Her Up', a country tune in 9/8 time that rises to a rousing gospel chorus.This time out, Sting took a new creative approach. Several songs later, he punctuates a jazzy 'Perfect Love...Gone Wrong' with guest raps from Cheb Mami - in French. And anyway, I'd rather be optimistic. While not as moving as 'The Soul Cages' or as radio-friendly as 'Ten Summoners' Tales', 'Brand New Day' still ranks right up there with them as the best of his work.On his seventh solo studio album, Sting takes you around the world, with Ste's Eastern vocals on 'Desert Rose' reminiscent of the late, great Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, followed by a salsa beat on 'Big Lie Small World'. That's my obsession, and I think people expect that of me - to throw a few loops here and there, and I think people would be disappointed if I didn't. 'Big Lie Small World' is pretty regular and disappoints. He is also a fast-rising director who is known for his work for Bruno Mars, Damien Marley and others. No, the beauty is how Sting uses the lyrics to give the album its cohesion. Discover all Sting's music connections, watch videos, listen to music, discuss and download. “Little Something” was a collaborative effort by both artists, with help from That 'weapon,' of a musical variety, remains Sting's greatest asset - and, over the year, it's been polished to a brilliant finish. He was the principal songwriter, lead singer, and bassist for new wave rock band the Police from 1977 to 1984, and launched a solo career in 1985. "Naivete, perhaps, but of a singularly artful kind. I typically play the simple guitar bits, the centre of the songs. British-French model Jake Sumner is the first son Trudie Styler had with Sting. "The Daily Record, 9/99"My strategy always is to be optimistic - mainly because the alternative isn't very uplifting. The opening track, 'A Thousand Years', has a Middle Eastern vibe, as does 'Desert Rose', with its Arabic-sounding background vocals.The singer claims that writing is hardest for him, but the lyrics are rich with different characters and themes. You have to be more patient. Cole: Pedal Steel GuitarKatherine Tickell: Northumbrian Pipes and FiddleDon Blackman: Hammond OrganChris Botti: Trumpet (Courtesy GRP records)Sté: Vocal (Courtesy Virgin Records)Gavyn Wright: String Leader (Tomorrow We'll See, Big Lie Small World)Joe Mendez: Backing VocalsJanice Pendarvis: Backing VocalsAlthea Rodgers: Backing VocalsMarlon Saunders: Backing VocalsVeneese Thomas: Backing VocalsDarryl Tookes: Backing VocalsKen Willians: Backing VocalsTawatha Agee: Backing VocalsDennis Collins: Backing VocalsEttamri Mustapha: DarboukaFarhat Bouallagui: String Arrangement (Desert Rose) Conductor/LeaderMoulay Ahmed: String PlayerKouider Berkan: String PlayerSalem Bnouni: String PlayerSameh Catalan: String Player, 44/876 (Digital Deluxe Album & Target Physical Exclusive), The Last Ship (Original Broadway Cast Recording), The Last Ship (standard & vinyl editions). The song is well written and performed with elan but lacks the punch of a classic written at the beginning of his career called 'Roxanne'. I pretended I was just gonna get some musicians together and have fun in the house and jam a little, and then pick the bones out of the jams in the mornings, and then adapt them a little bit. And while each genre-synthesizing work evokes a story outside of Sting's poeticism, 'Brand New Day' also marks the artist at his narrative, romantic best (see the wonderfully, country-jangly 'Fill Her Up' and the Dave Matthews-meets-Peter Gabriel title track). It's a much more mystical process. The style-defying disc taps jazz, African pop, country and just about everything else that has tickled Sting's ear lately. It took John Fogerty just 20 minutes to write "Fortunate Son" for Creedence Clearwater Revival's Willy And The Poorboys album.. "This Must Be The Place" is a rare love song by the Talking Heads, with a very personal lyric from David Byrne likely inspired by the woman who became his first wife. I like that it's a song about saying, 'don't judge me'. He also takes us to Nashville, complete with pedal steel and twang on 'Fill Her Up', getting vocal help from James Taylor, who adds a little more authenticity to the song than the well-heeled Brit lead singer.Sting also takes on a number of personas to deliver some spiritual messages, from a prostitute who provides a street sermon on judging others, to a gas station robber who has a religious experience that sets him straight. This time, however, I'd written an hour of music, sequenced it, had it all in order, and then had to try and figure out what it was going to be about. Check the smoky string-swept beauty of 'Tomorrow We'll See', a bittersweet take on love for sale, about the compassionate rendering of the song's streetwalking gender-bender. Perfect Love...Gone Wrong Written and Composed by Sting Performed by Sting Published by EMI Blackwood Music Inc./Magnetic Publishing Ltd. (BMI) French Rap Lyrics by STE, Delabel Editions/(SACEM) Sting says, "I remember nine years ago, in Paris, when I was making 'Soul Cages', walking through a neighbourhood which was a festival of exotic creatures. It didn't really matter what she said, as point is that the dog can't understand it. A song cycle on the sands of time and seeds of love, 'Brand New Day' brims with exoticisms from medieval chanson to Algerian rai to country, although the atmospheres are always at the service of a deeply communicative lyricism. "'Brand New Day' Official Press Release, 9/99"I didn't set out to write lyrics just above love, yet almost all the songs have the theme of broken lives that can be mended by love. The wry 'Fill Her Up' and the moody 'Tomorrow We'll See' (another story of a prostitute's plight) should work well in concert, but their overtly dramatic structures undermine the innocence and introspection of the album.Mostly, however, 'Brand New Day', featuring such guest artists as Stevie Wonder and James Taylor, overflows with the imagination and ambition that have characterised Sting's solo career. There isn't a misstep among the 10 songs. "El Pais (Spain), 9/99"I think there's an optimism in just about all the songs... That love actually transcends not only lifetimes, it also transcends break-ups. ... the tunes from Ten Summoner’s Tales meet with little French resistance. Sting covers the waterfront on this disc, from jazz to soul to pop to country. Similarly, the luxurious North African ululations of Cheb Mami ideally counterpoint Sting's dusty vocal on the complex, soaring, 'Desert Rose', as does girly French rapper Stephanie Quinol, pepping up the ultra smooth witticisms of the shaggy dog tale, 'Perfect Love Gone Wrong'. Recorded at Il Palagio, Italy and Mega Studios, Paris. Review from Q Magazine by Phil SutcliffeSting took his own advice when he wrote 'Fill Her Up'. A story told with wit and elegance and economy. Shaggy decided to pursue his music career and his first hit in 1993, "Oh Carolina", was a dancehall re-make of a ska hit by the Folkes Brothers, which appeared in the film Sliver. While this may not be a completely brand-new day, it is another engaging step in the evolution of one of pop's most compelling personalities. "Come On Eileen" was a colossal '80s hit, but the band - far more appreciated in their native UK than stateside - released just three albums before their split. Instead, he looks at love as if it were a mental disability, working his way through various stages, from head-over-heels to can't-live-with-'em-can't-kill-'em. If that's not enough, while tired souls bowl 'pretentious! "I didn't set out to write lyrics just about love, yet almost all the songs have the theme of broken lives that can be mended by love. There's two drummers, Vinnie Colaiuta and Manu Katche. The 17- … My challenge was to write a happy love song without being banal or smug. Thematically, Sting tackles that trickiest topic, love, something he's already spoken eloquently of in both dark and light terms (compare 'Every Breath You Take' to 'Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic'). The enhanced part includes an interview with Sting and some parts of the "Brand New Day", "After The Rain Has Fallen". Sting recruits Stevie Wonder to play harmonica and he plays it in his trademark, early-'70s style. "You Get What You Give" by The New Radicals was the first hit song to use the word "frenemies" in the lyrics. Last Exit were big in the North East, but their jazz fusion was doomed to fail when … "'Brand New Day' Official Press Release, 9/99"Trying to write simple pop songs over compound time is my idea of a crossword puzzle - or three dimensional chess. In nearly every song, it's as if one element too many pushes things too far - the herky-jerky French rap in 'Perfect Love...Gone Wrong', for instance, or the plodding, Yanni-esque string swirl that concludes 'Desert Rose' or the odd gospel-tinged world beat finish to the Nashville country of 'Fill Her Up'. It's a little like sculpting a piece of wood - you begin to see faces in the wood." Sting paid his early dues playing bass with local outfits The Newcastle Big Band, The Phoenix Jazzmen, Earthrise and Last Exit, the latter of which featured his first efforts at song writing. Don't wait for anything - buy this album. Instead we were just playing, experimenting, or just using time in a good way. Sale Price $14.36 $ 14.36 $ 17.95 Original Price $17.95" (20% off) Favorite Add to Sting PDF Instructions BrickSmithArt. At his weakest, Sting is still capable of tunes and arrangements that are light-years ahead of anyone else working in a similar vein, and a few cuts here (the burbling bossa nova of 'Big Lie Small World', the Princely 'After the Rain Has Fallen' and the suitably ethereal 'Ghost Story') rank among his best. Recording since 1978, accruing a dozen Grammies and four Brit Awards, he's also extended his reach by acting in films from 1979's seminal film 'Quadrophenia' to the recent British comedy romp, 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels', appearing on Broadway in 'Threepenny Opera', and embracing activism for causes as various as rainforest preservation and Amnesty International.Not content, however, to rest on the laurels of past accomplishment, Sting now moves relentlessly forward. Sting asked her to rap in French as if she was talking to the dog. So it's clear that Sting is in top form when he opens his latest album with a millennium-minded love song that doesn't come close to making you wince.From its graceful melody to its delicate arrangement, the devotional 'A Thousand Years' recalls the intimacy and individuality of the veteran singer-songwriter's most winning works. French singers Aznavour and Mylene Farmer, Shaggy, Melody Gardot and US rapper Gashi also feature among the duets, some of which date back to the early 1990s. The song returns to the front, after 20 years of filming the video clip in the Mohani Desert in the United States of America, when the song was ranked 17th in the classification of the most popular international songs, and awarded the duo Sting and Mammy Many … It's a sort of Boyz N the Berets, but what makes it so smooth is Sting's impeccable aplomb in blending it all seemlessly together. The dog's owner talks to him in French; she is voiced by the female French rapper Sté Strausz. Only after listening to the entire disc is it clear that the variety of musical styles are used as different voices to frame the same story. But slowly a face or a story appeared, and the songs began to take shape. And things get even better with 'Desert Rose', a tale of almost mystical longing filled with exotic images and highlighted by Sting's hookup with Algerian singer Cheb Mami.Over the next eight numbers, Sting explores various facets of romance in a wide range of musical styles that move between bossa nova (Big Lie, Small World), down-home country ('Fill Her Up') and his trademark mix of jazz, pop-rock and world music. Also: what MTV meant to his career. Review from The Saskatoon Star-Phoenix (Canada) by Dan ZakreskiAny doubts about Sting's ability to swing effortlessly between musical genres are gracefully dispelled by the ten songs on 'Brand New Day'. It's basically the thought that falling in love is an act of optimism - and I think if the album has a tone, for me... it's an optimistic one. "The song," Sting comments; "is about longing... sexual longing, romantic long, within a larger concept, which is philosophical longing for meaning or God or whatever. For example, 'Brand New Day', the last song, begins with a jaundiced view and then moves toward acceptance, to diving back into love. He worked together with producers such as Sting International, Don One, Lloyd 'Spiderman' Campbell, Robert Livingston and Frankie Cutlass on a remix from his Maxi-Single title "Nice and Lovely". We need to look positively toward the future and not be sucked in by the lunacy that this is the end of the world, or that everything's going to fall apart - trouble, strife, plague, all that stuff.. All of that becomes self fulfilling.